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Bering Sea gold is a series of television shows that was first aired on Discovery Channel on January 27, 2012. The reality television show, hosted by Mike Rowe, depicts gold mining operations by different fleets of vessels and the numerous difficulties faced during the two gold mining seasons, the summer dredging season, and the spring dredging seasons.

Daunting issues include getting a proper view underwater, diver health, and damage to mining equipment due to choppy seas and inadequate fuel and personnel problems.

Difficult issues include having a clear view of underwater, diver health, and damage to mining equipment due to choppy seas and inadequate fuel and personnel problems.

The crew members show include; Shawn Promenke, Emily Riedel, Mike Rowe, Zeke Tenhoff, Kris Kelly, Brad Kelly, Vernon Adkison, Ken Kerr, George Young, and Dave Young.

On TV since 2012.

Bering Sea Gold is a reality TV show that airs on Discovery Channel in Nome, Alaska, at Norton Sound. It is from Deadliest Grab reality TV show makers. It received the 3rd highest ratings for a cable telecast Friday.

The series is split into summer dredging under the title Bering Sea Gold and the season of spring dredging under the title Bering Sea Gold: Under The Ice. For the first three seasons, this distinction kept the title card modified to “Bering Sea Gold” in the 2015 4th season of the spring ice dredging season, making the theme the same as the original summer dredging season series. This started 5th season in 2016.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast net worth

The show features boats fitted with varying setups to accomplish summertime gold mining, cold northern latitude, shallow water, ocean surrounding. The fleet usually consists of a sluicing unit, a means of gathering paydirt (dredge), and a network of life support for cold-water diving.

Choppy seas, low underwater visibility, erratic fuel delivery, personnel issues, mining location rights, sufficient paydirt discovery, diver health, and ocean-damaging equipment failures include dispute issues. Every episodic season follows the current dredge fleet.

In the summer dredging season, the show was initially named “Bering Sea Gold” and aired in the spring, then changed to “Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice” during the spring dredging season and broadcast in the fall. Finally, the title of the show was permanently changed to “Bering Sea Gold.”

Bering Sea Gold 2020 Premiere Date.

It was revealed on March 11, 2020, that the fourteenth season will debut on Discovery Channel on Wednesday, April 1, at 9 pm ET / PT. According to The Futon Critic, it is a website that offers news and information on broadcast and cable networks in the United States about prime time programming.

Is Bering Sea Gold Fake or real?

Dredging the sea may not be the world’s deadliest work, but that hasn’t stopped Bering Sea Gold producers from making sure their audiences are drawn in by drama and strife. Although we were waiting for a new show series to make its way to our screens, few things made people disappointed with their fans.

  • Californians were not happy about the show.

Bering Sea Gold is taking place in Alaska, so you may be shocked to hear that when the show began, Californians were not very pleased. That’s because dredge mining is not a massively popular activity in the U.S. Actually, it’s quite contentious.

Just because of that, several states have banned completely any form of dredge mining in their waters, and that’s what California was doing. As the show became successful, however, ever more people challenged this ruling and stood up against the state to restore the activity.

  • The show misled viewers.

If you’re a serious fan of the show, you’re likely to recall the famous The Edge diver-a man named John. John, unfortunately, took his own life just one year after the series, and viewers around the globe were shocked. Although this news had angered viewers, they were unhappy with the series itself.

As they built promotional material for the upcoming season, the show’s producers suggested that his passage was taking place while he was working – and many people believed this was incredibly insensitive.

  • Dramatized Baby Mama Drama.

Besides financial distress, gold mining is a profession of reasonably low stakes, at least in terms of personal protection and danger. While this doesn’t mean this Bering Sea Gold is uninteresting or without a lot of compelling human drama, the producers often seem to turn a relatively minor occurrence into potential gold ratings no pun intended.

Although women suffering through childbirth are nothing to take lightly, presenting the problematic delivery of Brad Kelly’s baby as a direr situation was misleading to the show than it was.

Around the time promotions were airing for that season, viewers had already noticed via social media that Brad’s baby was safe, and his mother was doing well. It seemed dishonest to watch the show’s ads that gave the impression that mom and baby could not pull through it.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Shawn Pomrenke.

Shawn is a prominent cast in the show well recognized as “Mr. Gold.” He is featured in the show with his son carrying out gold mining activities. Shawn is an experienced gold miner, the skills he learned while young through his father, who was a mined gold for an extended period along with him.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Shawn Pomrenke net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Shawn Pomrenke net worth

Since when Shawn joined his father in gold mining, he never looked back. He went ahead to establish the Christine Rose, a high-line dredge one of the largest dredge in Alaska, along with his father.

Unlike other kinds of mining gold activities, they do mine gold on the sea bed. His father introduced him to the family business, and since then, they have continued to mine more gold raiding their net worth.

Shawn was transformed in 2011 when he was approached to take part in the new reality show Bering the sea Gold. The producers of the show were equal to the ones produced another similar famous show, “Deadliest Catch.” Bering Sea Gold was to document their daily mining activities in the sea as they try to get the gold under the sea bed.

The show documented the Shawn team as well as other gold diggers detailing the harsh conditions they undergo while hunting for gold in the sea. Shawn and his team were successful and thus made him gain fame.

Eventually, the show’s success helped to raise Pomrenke’s wealth immensely and is likely to increase further as he is still part of the series that is now in its tenth season.

Gold mining and his roles in the show immensely raised Shawn’s net worth and likely to increase more as he is still part of the show and will take part in season 10.  Right now,  Bering Sea Gold Cast Shawn has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He makes around $500,000 per annum and earns about $200,000 out of any gold mining per season.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Emily Riedel.

If you have watched the Bering Sea Gold show, you have so far noticed there is only one female cast. She is Emily Riedel, a gold digger but also an opera singer.

Emily was born on July 4, 1988, and she is 32 years old 2020. She loved singing, which led her to the University of Carolina Scholl of Arts to study music more so the train on vocals.

Later she was unable to propel in the world of music as she was unable to fund her talent. However, her friend Zeke Tenhoff had something better for her, introduction to gold-mining under the sea.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Emily Riedel net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Emily Riedel net worth

It was her chance to venture into the new field and opportunity to star in the show Bering Sea Gold. She is energetic in the show sending message women too can mine gold under the sea bed.

Emily was in a love relationship with Zeke Tenhoff, but their relationship didn’t end into marriage. She has no children, and more so, she is single. Bering Sea Gold Cast Emily Ridel’s Net Worth is $1 Million.

Kris Kris Kelly.

Kris Kelly is an experienced gold miner after being introduced to the field by his brother Andy Kelly. He worked with him for years, which made him gain experience and expertise.

Later his father, Brad Kelly, took him to Nome, Alaska, the United States of America with the sole purpose of quickly making him wealthy. He steered towards that aim by playing a part in the reality television series of the Discovery Channel, Bering Sea Gold.

His father, Brad Kelly, later called him to Nome, Alaska, with a purpose to introduce him in gold mining at Nome and get him wealthier. Kris was depicted in the show taking part in the sea gold mining, demonstrating his expertise to the show fans.

For some reason that threatens his gold mining operations, Bering Sea Gold Kris Kelly has yet to achieve the goal of getting rich and accumulating a considerable net worth, despite securing a place in the show, five years in.

Kris has appeared on the show for five years, but he is yet to gain the welt he came to pursue in Nome. There several hindrances for him to achieve his gold, mainly his gold mining operations not successful all the time.

Some of the hindrances to him achieving his goal include using sub-standard machinery to mine the gold; he is emotional, which melt him down. Also, the crew he works with have they have proven time and time they will not assist him in achieving his goal, but they always pose more hindrances.

Sometime back, the big fan following the series took the Kelly family to their online forums and social media platforms to speak out their issues. Kris Kelly is renowned for being creative and hardworking by his fans.

Kris somehow manages to pull through, given the challenging working conditions on the dredger. His laborious disposition and optimistic outlook won him the love and respect of his fans and critics in general.

Since the crew member who posed hindrances on Kris is made up of his father and his brother, his fans were not happy. They took the online discussion forums speaking out the issue, and they were criticizing his family members.

His fans know Kris as an ambitious and hardworking. Despite the hindrances, he still manages to make through while working with the crew. Kris is depicted in the show as someone industrious and positive attitude, and these qualities have earned him admiration, respect, and fame from the show fans.

In season 9, Kris is featured trying to reunite with family, where he is trying to convince his mother to come to Nome. For the last 30 years, his parents have been feuding, and his decision to try reuniting them was one step mistake threatening to sabotage the dredging activity. As a result, his mother was forced to relocate to Hawaii.

Kris has been depicted in the show since 2004 stand over the years; he earned wealth. Bering Sea Gold Cast Kris Kelly’s estimated net worth stands around $200 000. So far, he has no succeeded in gold mining; hence his primary source of wealth is from the shoe Bering Sea Gold.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Zeke Tenhoff.

Zeke Tenhoff is a famous reality show star since when he appeared on the Bering Sea Gold show. Zeke was born in 1987 in Alaska, and he is 34 years 2021. He is among the daring casts of the show with his ability to dive in the deep to the sea bed to hunt for gold.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Zeke Tenhoff net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Zeke Tenhoff net worth

Zeke has been featured in the show as hardworking and with expertise above all determined to get gold from the sea bed. He captured the attention of several fans since when he was approached by the Bering Sea Gold production team and joined the show.

After he broke up with his girlfriend Emily Riedel, he has not dated anyone as of now; he is single. Bering Sea Gold Cast Zeke Tenhoff has accumulated a net worth of $125,000 over the years as a gold digger and television star.

Steve Pomrenke.

Steve Pomrenke is an experienced gold miner and the founder, as well as the owner of The Christine Rose dredge. He is the father to Shawn Pomrenke, and they are featured together in the show.

Steve was brought up on a dairy farm in Minnesota according to sources and worked as a mechanic work, which earned enough money to transform his dreams into reality.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Steve Pomrenke net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Steve Pomrenke net worth

Steve opened a gold mine in his first pit; the operation was successful. His family left him, though, and he did a last-ditch at inland mining with his friend. According to the market today, Steve and his son were able to acquire two thousand ounces of gold worth over $2 million.

Steve broke up with his wife, and he left him with their son. After he opened his first pit gold mine, it was successful and, together with his son, was able to mine gold worth $2 million in regards to today’s gold market value.

Steve as accumulated wealth from his venture into gold mining and his roles in the show, and today the Bering Sea Gold Cast StevePomreneke’s net worth is over $5 million. He earns a salary of $500, 000 from the show.

Vernon Adkinson.

Vernon Adkinson left the show after season 5 due to that he doesn’t like being filmed or being in front of cameras as he mines gold from the sea. However, there is something to smile about those who loved him being in the show or those who missed him being in the show. Sources have confirmed Vernon will be featured again in the show.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Vernon Adkinson net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Vernon Adkinson net worth

While in the show, Vernon was an experienced gold miners and rivalry of Shawn Pomrenke. He is Wild Ranger captain. He earned $125, 000 in season 1 of the show and $140, 000 in season 2. However, he is a successful gold miner, and Vernon Adkinson’s net worth is estimated at around $1.5 million.

Brad Kelly.

Brand Kelly is among the casts of the Bering Sea Gold show, the show he joined in season 2 way back in 2012. He is the father of Kris Kelly and Andy Kelly. Brad is depicted in the show as a diver who is determined to hunt gold from the sea. He was married to Wendy but broke up. Wendy was featured last season.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Brad Kelly net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Brad Kelly net worth

Brad has permitted his sons to take over the position of captain, and we are waiting to see if his sons will lead the crew to more gold or not. Brad has been a successful gold miner, and Brad Kelly’s net worth is estimated at around $2.2 million.

Andy Kelly.

Andy Kelly was first time featured in the show season 3. He is the brother to Kris Kelly and Brad Kelly’s youngest son. He is depicted as the best diver in the show and an enthusiastic gold miner in the sea.

Despite his outstanding expertise in diving, he is not successful has his father, Brad Kelly. Bering Sea Gold Cast Andy is engaged with Courtney, and they were blessed with a baby in 2015.

Andy is featured when not mining gold as a coffee lover, smoker and takes much of his time on his mobile phone. Andy is a person with a short temper. If he were able to control his temper, then he would make more money from mining. Andy Kelly’s Net Worth is $200,000.

Cody Moen.        

Cody Moen is a professional engineer; however, he loved mining gold, which led him into the show Bering Sea Gold and becoming part of the show cast. Cody Moen is 30 years today, and his details are not public.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Cody Moen net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Cody Moen net worth

Steve Riedel.

Steve Riedel was depicted in the show as someone with expertise and experience.  He has worked with different companies hence gaining the experience. Steve Riedel is the father of Emily Riedel, the only lady in the show

Bering Sea Gold Cast Steve Reidel, along with his skill, is filled with experience and was featured at the starting of the season, but he was pulled out of the dredge.

Steve went to The Clark, which is owned by Zeke Tenhoff. However, Steve couldn’t as e wasn’t assured the safety of dredging from the sea, and he believed Zeke dredge was having some trouble.

In Season 3, Steve is depicted having constructed the Minnow, and he was the captain. However, Brad Kelly later took over his Minnow and was driven as Reaper.

He had tasted the struggles few pointing to his work as a bon vivant who thinks from the aspiring stories. Steve doesn’t have management skills; thus, he should be away from the dredge.

He spends most of his time at the sea bed of the ocean. Bering Sea Gold fans, as of now, know that he is interested in good times.

Scott Meisterheim.

Scott Meisterheim was a home builder, and at some point in his life, he has worked in the Alaskan oil fields before joining the show. He gained fame after appearing in the Bering Sea gold reality show.

Scott has been featured in over three seasons of the show while taking part in mining gold from the sea bed.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Scott Meisterheim net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Scott Meisterheim net worth

Throughout the show, Scott was depicted confronting other cast members as well as the cameraman. During the documentation of the first season reunion episode, he became more popular following the fistfight he was engaged in with a member of the show Vern Adkison.

The producers of the show were not happy with his behaviors and to let him go. The decision was reached following several casts of the show complaining about his temper and actions. Scott was even violet to the camera crew, and he fought them during the filming of the show. His behavior saw Scott out of the Bering Sea Gold in season 3.

Bering Sea Gold Cast: George Young.

George Young gained fame after he starred in Bering Sea Gold. He was born on February 29, 1980, In England.  He is an athlete, a sailor, a sport shooter, a skier, and an adventurer with passion. George young is depicted in the show as a professional diver experienced in staying underwater for hours.

George is married to Janet Hsieh since 2015, and they have a son. He an adventurous person, and his quest to explore the world landed him into venturing to gold mining two years ago.

In the show, he would dive at the bottom of the sea to hunt gold. He earned fame from his role in the role and money, which raised his net worth significantly. We are informed he receives one hundred thousand dollars 100, 00 from the show.

Dave Young.

Dave Young is George Young’s Elder Brother. He came with his brother Scott to Nome, Alaska, who passed away while dredging the gold from the sea.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Dave Young net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Dave Young net worth

Dave founded Arctic Sea Mining and now is one of the gold getters with the most money. He introduced his young brother in the venture and currently working together to pull more gold out of the sea and earn a substantial amount of cash, which increased their net worth.

Eliane Adkinson.

Yvonne Adkison is the daughter of Vernon Adkison, a gold miner. She is 29, which means she was born back in 1992. Yvonne has taken to life at sea just like her father, where she worked on the boat with her father daily. She late joined other crew members to mine gold from the sea.

Fans will recall her on Bering Sea Gold’s fourth season, for making a few appearances. Although her father was not as famous, she still left a notable impression on the show. The life of Yvonne Adkison wasn’t short of controversy, though.

Only 22 years old, Yvonne Adkison faced imprisonment after it emerged that she was engaged in a scheme related to drugs. She was sentenced to two years in jail.

She completed the jail term and now trying to get her life in order. It is a matter of time we get to know if she will be again featured in the show.

Yvonne Adkinson.

Vernon Adkison is a gold miner who has endured up and downs in the gold mining venture. He has been depicted in the show as a determined person to hunt more gold from the sea, which saw him bring more dredges to satisfy his quest.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Yvonne Adkinson net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Yvonne Adkinson net worth

Vernon was born and raised in America; he has always been determined to hunt for gold in the sea all his life. Vernon was the captain of the Vessel VLCC for more than 20 years prior to entering into his new quest to hunt for gold in the sea.

His quest saw him travel from Valdez, Alaska, and then Central Alaska. He was able to finally buy his first dredge hence start mining gold from the sea. After mining for some time, he was able to buy more dredges and was able to extract more gold.

Besides mining and his role in the show, Vernon serves as a sea captain. According to sources, his salary is reportedly at $500 K per year. As such, the net worth of Vernon Adkison currently stands at $2 million.

Bering Sea Gold Cast: Ken Ker.

Ken Ker is among the casts of the Bering Sea Gold show and is depicted in the show with his giant 600-ton dredging machine. Ken’s personal life has not been revealed to the public. As such, we don’t know whether Ken is married or he has even married, nor do we know he has children.

Ken gained fame in season 10 of the show, where he is featured as the owner of a gigantic gold dredge. Earlier, he used to spend days and nights in Nome trying to locate gold in the sea.

He is an experienced gold miner, having spent eight years in the venture. Ken Ker is a new cast to the show his earning from the show are yet to be public. He has been in mining gold before however is net worth remains uncalculated.

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