Alaskan Bush People Cast; Net Worth, Death: 11 Facts You Should Know.

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Alaskan Bush People is among reality show documented in Alaska, the last frontier. If you love reality shows, I bet you are always on Discovery Channel Fridays watching this show since the day it was premiered in 2014.

Alaskan Bush people are a family reality documentary show depicting Brown’s family. Brown has a large family comprised of 9 members, his wife Ami, and seven children. The family has a history of living in various places in America, trying to make ends meet.

The show since when it was aired on Discovery Channel documented nine seasons until now. It has received both positive and negative criticism since then, and many questions were coming up, such as if it’s real or fake, how much the cast earns from the show, what their net worth and more. We have researched about the casts of the show as well as other crucial answers you wish to know. Read on to find out!

About the show.

The Alaskan Bush People show it is a reality television documentary featuring a story about Brown’s family, i.e., his wife and their two daughters Birdy and Rain and five sons Matt, Bam, Bear, Gabe, and Noah Brown.

The father and mother have criminal records where Brown was charged out of stealing a horse in 1980 while their mother Ami was charged for welfare fraud.

In the show, the family is documented at a point where they started living out in the Alaska wilderness after their house or home was burnt down by the authorities as they were living in public land.

As they have no home, they have to live the place, and they started traveling around Alaska while building temporary shelters.

Even though each day struggles, the family is featured showing unity and strength, hoping for a better tomorrow. It is such a motivation to all struggling families.

Image of Alaskan Bush People 2020 
Caption: Alaskan Bush People 2020

The brown family travels to remote areas of Alaska where there is no civilization leading to them to develop unique English dialect. They are depicted to be living in poor conditions, and they have to barter to survive the harsh environment. It led to even their fans try to donate some cash to help them make a living.

The whole show, season after season, features the family journey in the bush, the dangers they encounter, and how they handle them.

As the show went on to attract more fans, Brown’s family started their Browntown community. The aim of establishing it was to offer services to anyone who likes to help them in any way improve their life.

At some point, Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer, and they had to leave Alaska to southern California for her to get proper medical care. She recovered, and her health is well good news cancer-free today.

Brown Family is Alaskan Bush People Cast.

Their people wonder if the casts of Alaskan Bush People are one family. Yes, they are all one big family, even the latest two daughters introduced in the show. T

he cast of Alaskan Bush People is one family which includes Billy Brown; his wife Ami; their sons Matt, Joshua “Bam Bam,” Bear, Noah and Gabe; and their daughters Snowbird and Rain. Matt Brown, who is the eldest son, though, has not appeared in the show since season 8.

Every episode of the show revolves around the family casts going out of the way portraying how poor the Brown Family is picking up odd jobs along with bartering for supplies just to survive in the Alaskan Bush.

The show Alaskan People Bush was born after Billy Brown wrote a book in 200b One Wave at a Time, which was more of autobiography. In his book, he told a story where he wished to raise his large family in the Alaskan Bush.

The wish came true after he was offered a deal with Discovery Channel to do a reality show depicting how life in Alaska bushes. All the casts in the show are family as he wished in his book.

Parents in Alaskan Bush People Cast.

Billy Brown and Ami Brown are the parents of the casts Alaskan Bush People except for the two daughters who are introduced in the latest show. The two daughters are out of Billy’s brown earlier marriage with Brenda before he married Ami.

The two fell in love at first sight, in line with Billy’s novel “autobiography “One Wave at a Time.  From the memoir, he described her as a lovely young woman he met when they were both in Texas.  Billy and Ami met, got married in 1979, and settled in Fort Worth at first.

But according to their story, they felt unsatisfied with 9-5 plumber jobs Billy was securing, so they had to relocate to a place with better opportunities. By 1983, when they were stranded on at Alaska for 18 months, they were forced to quickly learn how to survive in the wild.

Ami Bryan Brown was born on 28 August 1963 in Texas and grew up in her hometown with her elder brother Les Branson. Information about her childhood and upbringing is not much to explore.  Ami was lived in an oppressive family, and this justifies why she got married at an early age.  Ami left her house while still a teenage and married at age 15.

Billy Brown is an outdoor expert, Patriarch of the family, and author. His passion for the forest and everything that exists in it runs deep inside him. While an avid hunter, he also enjoys spending time with wildlife. In the forest, he has a natural ease, which even the animals seem to sense.

Billy, most of the time, is on the lookout for a new remote high mountain lake or creek. When his family is not in the wilderness or forest, then they are on the ocean. Billy spent years in the northern Pacific as a commercial fisherman, and today he uses his experience as the skipper on family boat trips.

Billy grew up in Texas and endured a difficult life as a young man, from his family’s tragic loss in a plane crash. He soon met Ami, and they decided together to raise their family in the Alaska bush. Billy’s sense of adventure keeps him going, but he’ll still have his home close to Alaskan Bush and his family.

Five Sons of Brown Family in Alaskan Bush People Cast.

Brown and Ami were blessed with five sons, and they are casts of the Alaskan Bush people show. Here full list entailing their net worth.

Image of Ami and Billy Brown with their kids
Caption: Ami and Billy Brown with their kids

Gabe Brown.

Gabe Brown is the fourth born son in the family. He is featured in the show as a hard-working fellow who is honest and wears a smile on his face every time. He is an exceptional painter, creating realistic images of animals and the world around him.

Image of Gabe brown
Caption: Gabe brown

He also has fluency in sign language for stars. Alaskan Bush People Cast Gabe’s net worth is valued at about $150,000 largely accrued from his involvement in the TV series.

Bam Bam.

Joshua is Brown’s second oldest child. He’s one of the show’s most famous siblings largely because of his personality.

He likes to read, hunt, and fish, and he has an interest in electronics. Like his other siblings, “Bam Bam,” as he is often called, is very lonely, and prefers to do stuff on his own.

Image of Joshua Brown (Bam Bam)
Caption: Joshua Brown (Bam Bam)

These qualities make him lovable among show fans. Alaskan Bush People Cast Joshua Brown’s estimated net worth is predominantly about $300,000 from the show and a nice annual salary. He found love with one of the show’s producers named Allison and quit the show as a result, and he lives with his girlfriend in the city.

Bear Brown.

Bear Brown is the family’s 3rd son. He is most famous because his approach to life is revolutionary. It is fair to conclude that Bear has a special understanding of life.

Image of Bear Brown
Caption: Bear Brown

If he’s not playing, he’s an arctic snow machine, he’s a family hunting game, and stuff like girlfriend or relationship problems make his net worth more respectable than his siblings’ rest. Bear Brown’s net worth is estimated at $160,000.

Alaskan Bush People Cast Matt Brown.

Matt Brown is the Brown Family’s eldest son, known mainly for his verbal behavior and controversy. Matt Brown used to have a girlfriend she’s had two kids with.

Image of Matt Brown
Caption: Matt Brown

He is actually in no relationship. Matt Brown has a net worth of $100,000 accrued mostly from his television show acting job and an outstanding annual salary.

Noah Brown.

The youngest son in the Brown family is Noah Darkcloud Gray. He is more of a fantasist and the family builder, as he likes to tweak machines and see the mechanisms underneath. He is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend. Noah has an approximate net worth of $90,000 and is receiving a $65,000 annual salary from the show.


Snowbird Brown.

Snowbird Brown is the Brown family’s first daughter. Snowbird Brown is an ardent outdoor lover, who spends much of her time outdoors. Snowbird enjoys fishing, as seen in the film and mountain climbing.

Image of Snowbird Brown
Caption: Snowbird Brown

She is also a pet enthusiast with a variety of pets, including Cats, Pigs, Frogs, and Red-eared slider tortoises. The 26-year-old has an estimated $100,000 net worth that is accrued from the show’s proceeds. She is receiving a $60,000 annual salary.

Rain Brown.

The youngest in the Brown family is Rain Brown, and her real name is Merry Christmas, Katherine Raindrop Brown. Rainy behaves like a girl in the television show who’s interested in fashion. Browns Rain’s youngest is always seen listening to the album.

She is famous because of her hairstyle, which has been used by most people as a source of speculation regarding her sexuality. Because of this, she got a lot of media attention and pressure to overcome her sexuality.

Image of Rain Brown
Caption: Rain Brown

She is estimated to get a salary ranging from $8000 to $15,000 per episode. She is a brave little angel because she has survived the sub-zero temperatures and the harsh climatic conditions.

Alaskan Bush People Net Worth

A glance at the Net worth of the Brown family can leave you wondering if they live in woods. The idea that they purchased over 400 acres of land in Washington during their previous season for a whopping $415,000 could leave you questioning how much Discovery Channel is paying the family.

The family also accused of lying to the Government to receive $27,000, to which they happily paid back with additional $22,000 penalties. The house of the Alaskan Bush People in Washington cost them plenty of wealth.

Image of Alaskan Bush People cast net worth
Caption: Alaskan Bush People cast net worth

Stated in Touch Weekly reports, the net worth of the Alaskan Bush people is around $60 million. Of course, their earnings are entirely from the Discovery Channel.

The source of income for the Alaskan Bush People Other than acting, the family is reportedly engaged in the following commercial activities:

  • Hauling.

In the Reality Show season three, we see Brown’s boys on a hauling trip to earn some cash. They would hold everything one had to travel using a boat. The last episode titled “Never Give Up” shows the boys completed their first hauling task. Why will they be doing this with the money they get from acting? Ok, that’s one mystery.

  • Odd jobs.

Billy has even taken on several idiosyncratic activities to provide for his kin. It’s said he’d worked as a plumber before he married Ami. They’ve also depicted their boys taking some odd jobs for money.

  • Donations.

The family is portrayed as one who is suffering economically. Lots of kindhearted people over the years have been writing checks for them. More so, they formed a community for anybody to reach and offer his or her donation.

Is Alaskan Bush People Fake or Real?.

Discovery Channel presents Alaskan Bush people as an unscripted reality TV show. During its 11 seasons, however, the show has come under criticism for being “fake” or “scripted.” In 2015, Billy and Bam Brown accepted they were guilty of fraud for giving false information on applications to the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.

To be eligible for the Alaskan Bush fund of the Government, you must be a year-round resident of Alaska. An annual stipend is given to these people, which is funded by oil money. Why, then, did Browns pled guilty?

If you spend more than 180 days off the state, you are not eligible for this payout. Since the Browns plead guilty, many have interpreted that in Alaskan Bush, as the Browns do not hold legitimate, full-time residency.

Although living in the outskirts of Hoonah, Alaska, the series highly depicted the home of the Brown family as deep off-the-grid locations. Reports had emerged, however, that the Browns were not far from town at all — that they might have only stayed half a mile away from other homes and even a pizzeria, and that the Wolfpack was known locally to stay at the Icy Strait Lodge when the family was not filming.

Further controversy arose when Noah allegedly met a woman in California, and she appeared to go on a date on Season 5 of the show. An IMDB page identifying her as an actress after her appearance — his name is Karryna Kauffman — sparked outrage among viewers who believed that Discovery had hired Kauffman to appear on the show.

Since then, Kauffman has appeared in shorts such as The Song of Birds & Bees, Love in Flannel’s Period, and has appeared as an extra in 16-Love.

Another reason people say the show is fake is because of Billy’s novel, One Wave at a Time, which Alaska’s family left to support and seek and market as a TV series.

Interestingly, because many family members have social media pages — on which they share other information that is not specifically related to living a secluded life in the woods — viewers have called the series out for scripting. So, what do you think? Is Alaskan Bush People Real? Leave us a comment.

Alaskan Bush People’s Age and Real name, Net Worth Table

Show name Real name Age Net worth
Billy Brown Billy Bryan Brown 68 $5 million
Ami Brown Amora Larene Branson Brown 57 $ 1 million
Matt Brown Matthew William Brown 38 $100,000
Bam Bam Brown Joshua Bam Bam Brown 36 $300, 000
Bear Brown Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown 34 $160, 000
Gabe Brown Gabriel Starbuck Brown 31 $150, 000
Noah Brown Noah Darkcloud Brown 28 $65, 000
Birdy Brown Amora Jean Snowbird Brown 26 $60, 000
Rainy Brown Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown 18 $200,000

Alaskan Bush People Death.

In April 2017, Ami Brown had been diagnosed with non-small-cell lung cancer in stage III. It was initially recognized as cancer of the third stage and progressed to the fourth. Ami revealed that she had a three percent chance of survival. She lost her weight at one stage, from 128 pounds to 89 pounds.

At the UCLA medical center, Ami underwent two doses of chemo. With the second chemo, she had a positive response cleaning out the masses with her lung. Ami completed a four-month course of radiation chemotherapy, among other therapies, which was a success. Ami is expected to be cancer-free by 2020 after cancer has gone into remission.


Alaskan Bush People Net Worth is $60 Million in Total.

Including all the wealth of brown family combined they have huge money in the bank. It is estimated that the Alaskan Bush People have a net worth of $60 million.

Alaskan Bush People Makes Average $40,000 Per Episode.

The Alaskan Bush people Casts are estimated to be earning anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 per episode, according to Good Housekeeping, but that’s not all. Billy is reported he earns around $500,000 for the show. The kids are thought to be paid about $40,000 to $60,000 each.

Alaskan Bush People is on Discovery Channel.

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel

Here is why Alaskan Bush People Leave Alaska.

Perhaps you’ve noticed something unusual from the show’s season 8. People in Alaskan Bush do not live anymore where they used to live. The family moved to Washington and California after Ami was diagnosed with cancer so that she could quickly seek care in the best hospitals in the US. Ami is cancer-free now, and the reality stars have agreed to move to a new home in the Pacific Northwest.

Alaskan Bush People Location: It is Filmed in Hoonah Alaska.

Alaskan Bush People show is filmed on location near Hoonah, Alaska and Chichagof Island, with later seasons filmed on location in Okanogan County, Washington, it follows the extended Brown family’s life

Where do the Alaskan Bush People Live now in Washington?

Billy, Ami, and their family now live in a 400-acre homestead in Tonasket, Washington.

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