Mountain Monster Cast, Salary, Real or Fake?

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“Mountain Monsters” is a TV series was that first aired on the Destination America channel, which premiered in 2013 for the first 5 seasons, with its sixth season ran from 2019 to November on Travel Channel.

The plot follows six native West Virginia trappers and hunters of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) team as they carry out research and come up with evidence of supposedly unknown creatures inhabiting the Appalachian Mountains. Find out more about this mysterious show in this article.

About the Show.

For many years now, it’s believed that the Appalachian Mountains had the highest sightings of mysterious creatures than any other place in America.

It is this fact that provoked six hardcore hunters and trappers with vast experience to get to the heights and expose these creatures The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) team founded by John “Trapper” Tice, Jeff Headlee, and Willy McQuillian with the mission of proving the existence of such legends as Bigfoot, Mothman, Hellhound, Werewolf, and Lizard Man.

Their hunting procedure follows a definite pattern of first conducting initial research, then sharing the knowledge of the particular beast they’re set their horizons on and chatting to the people who claim to have seen; their hunting format is always set out.

After a nightlong lurk around the beast’s stomping ground, two of the team lay their trap while the others seek out more evidence, talking to further eyewitnesses as they try to uncover photographic or video evidence of the beast’s existence.

Image of Mountain Monster cast
Caption: Mountain Monster cast.

After the completion of the preliminary investigation, the hunters begin their final night hunt to capture the beast itself, or at least record its image.

Some episodes of the show have seen the hunters claim victory, either capturing the beast itself, releasing it back into the wild, or capturing it on film.

Skeptics have claimed their fleeting, blurred images of the supposed beauties are nothing of the kind and that the team is just a gang of actors masquerading as hunters. Fake or not, you can’t dispute the show’s popularity. Something that can be credited in no small part to the team of hunters and trackers at its heart.

Mountain Monsters is one show that has many loopholes that make it vulnerable to get a negative critique.

Critics say that it looks like a bunch of old buddies who got together, came up with a show that can make them earn money by playing fear and superstition.

It was definitely an entertaining show that made its viewers’ imagination run wild, but the idea behind the show holds no water at the end.

Is Mountain Monster real or scripted?

This is a hard question to answer because the show is about belief. In responding to Hollywood Soap Box, John Tice, one of the founders of the show who passed away in December last year, said that it is normal to have believers and skeptics. To the believers, he encouraged them to keep on watching, for they (the hunters) will stay out there to prove they are correct, and to skeptics, he told them to keep on watching.

That throws everyone in a state of quagmire, and everyone is left with a personal choice, to believe Monsters are real or it’s scripted. There have been allegations that the show has many flaws to be real about following monsters and unknown creatures.

There are reports that the hunters once captured a creature due to their strong teamwork and prowess in hunting. This somehow earned them some credit. However, critics have also done a good job in proving that the show is scripted.

They have given three bases to prove that; first, they say that the hunters are always armed to the teeth with guns that they never fire even when the creature is at close range; of course, the idea is not to kill them.

Secondly, their cameraman is always late at the party when recording the prey but is very keen in capturing the hunter’s expressions, and lastly, every time the hunters capture the monsters, it appears completely computerized. If they were to use more realistic graphics, many could have believed the show to be real.

Is Mountain Monster Cancelled?

Fans all over the world were wondering whether “Mountain Monsters” for the sixth season. The last episode of season five was aired on 3 June 2017, and the lovers of the show were relentlessly demanding a renewal. On July 15, 2019, after a two-year hiatus, it was announced that the series was renewed for a sixth season.

What Channel is Mountain Monster on?

After two years of waiting, Mountain, Monsters show found a new home on TV, having been on Destination America for the first five seasons from 2013 to 2017. In August 2019, the show moved to Travel channel for its sixth season that ran from August 21 to November 20th in 2019. There are rumors for season seven, be sure to get them right here once they are confirmed.

Mountain Men Cast Cast Salary.

Name of Cast Salary Per Season Net Worth
Jacob Lowe $18, 000 $1M
Trapper John Tice $20,000 $700, 000
Huckleberry Joe $16, 000 $500, 000
Jeff Headlee $28, 000 $700, 000
Willy McQuillian $17, 000 $600, 000
Willian Nef $17, 000 $500, 000

Mountain Men Cast Jacob Lowe.

Lowe is the rock of the show. He is known for his aggressiveness and quick wit. Jacob Lowe may be the youngest and least tested in the group, but his unquenchable thirst to seek out and uncover the unknown creatures makes him one of the key members of the group.

He has never missed out in any episode and as long as the show continues, be sure to see him do his best.

Image of TV star, Jacob Lowe
Caption: TV star, Jacob Lowe

Mountain Men Cast Trapper John Tice.

Rumors emerged in 2016 about John’s demise that was untrue, but in December 2019, John was reported to have passed away from natural cause.

He breathed his last breath surrounded by family. John Tice was one of the core founders of Mountain Monsters. He was the center of the group’s activity, being the oldest in the group.

Huckleberry Joe Lott.

Having been a marine for five decades in the US military, Lott is surely one person the team had no doubt to entrust him with the security docket.

In all the episodes which he appeared, he kept the team safe from the attacks from the creatures. In 2018, this mountain men cast was arrested for possessing illegal drugs and charged, so he is out of the show if it is to continue.

Image of TV star, Huckleberry Joe Lott
Caption: TV star, Huckleberry Joe Lott

Willy McQuillian.

The master trap builder. Willy is one of the founders of the show. He is entrusted to make the traps that the team uses for the night hunts. With decades of experience in hunting, trapping, and carpentry, there is no trap that’s too hard for him to invent and see it succeed in capturing the creatures. He is definitely one of the key members of the team who has been around for all seasons.

Jeff Headlee.

Mountain Men cast Jeff is the tech guy in the team. He is one of the founding members of the team and has appeared in all seasons. His role is to set up the thermal cameras and recording equipment that the team solely depends on to capture the images of the creatures.

Having a good background in research, he is also responsible for digging out history and getting the eyewitnesses for the interviews. As long as the show continues, Jeff is believed to be on it.

William Neff.

Neff is by far the proudest member of the team. Having left a well-paying career, the former veteran is proud to be on TV. Also having a background in war, he is responsible for chasing and capturing the creatures. He got the speed and strength. He has been around for all six seasons.

Image of TV star, William Neff 
Caption: TV star, William Neff

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