Michael Jordan Wife Yvette Prieto’s biography: 7 Facts.

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Michael Jordan is a former American Basketball player. He is the best and richest basketball player in history. Michael is known to have won uncountable Awards in the NBA. Apart from being a former athlete, he is also an author. Some of his books are; Driven from within and Rare Air.

We are going to be discussing his lovely wife. Who is Yvette Prieto? Find out more about the Cuban American Model: Her net worth, career, marriage, age, and children. Everything you need to know about her is indicated down below.

Who is Yvette Prieto? Her Early Life.

Yvette Prieto has not disclosed many details surrounding her early life. We know for a fact that she was born in Cuba, but she moved to Miami and grew up there. At her young age, Yvette always admired her father and wanted to be like him, an entrepreneur, when she grew up. At the same time, she was also interested in modeling. In college, she majored in business management. After graduating, she left to work with her father’s business. It is also said that Yvette once dating Enrique Iglesias’ brother, Julio Iglesias.

Yvette Prieto‘s Wiki.

Michael Jordan’s current wife finally decided to exit the business world after she realized it wasn’t meant for her. She then switched to modeling. Yvette modeled for several prominent brands. She was finally at the peak when she got the chance to model for the famous designer, Alexander Wang.

Yvette Prieto is not only an actress, but she is also a TV star. She appeared on the Documentary show, An Island Apart.

Life as Michael Jordan’s Wife.

Jordan and his wife Yvette met back in 2007 at a club. After two years of dating, Michael and Yvette moved in together. Michael got the courage to propose in 2011, and they finally got married in 2013. Their wedding was one of the most expensive weddings you have ever heard of. The ceremony took place on 17th April 2013 in Bethesda Episcopal Church by the sea. That was the same place President Trump got married. You can imagine how extravagant it was. They spent around $10 Million. They also had very many celebrity guests like Usher.

Image of Yvette Prieto with her husband Michael Jordan
Caption: Yvette Prieto with her husband Michael Jordan

The couple was blessed with twins in 2014; Victoria and Ysabel. Apart from the twins, Jordan has three other children from his previous marriage.

A short bio on her husband, Michael Jordan.

As mentioned above, The NBA Hall of Famer is a former basketball player. He was born on 17th Feb 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, to Deloris Jordan and James R Jordan. Unfortunately, he lost his father in 1993. He grew up with his mother and four siblings.

He went to Emsley High School. His football career started when he was still in School. After graduating from high school, Michael was granted a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina, where he studied Cultural Geography. He was an outstanding player back then, and opportunities never ended for him.

Mike even got to play in the National Football League, where he became a true Legend. Michael owns the Charlotte Hornets team, Washington Wizards, and the Miami Marlins. Apart from football, he also ventured in business.

Michael was previously married to Juanita Vanoy (1986-2006). They even had three children together; Jasmine M Jordan, Marcus Jordan, and Jeffrey Michael Jordan.

Yvette Prieto’s Net worth.

Yvette Prieto Jordan has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. She has been able to grow her net worth in all the years she has been modeling. Let us not forget her business years.

Taking a look at her husband, Michael has a whooping net worth of $2.1 Billion. He has been able, to sum up, all this fortune in his many years as the best football player in the world and his other side businesses. As we all know, Michael is the owner of the shoe brand, Air Jordan. In a year, he receives about $130 million.

Image of American-Cuban model, Yvette Prieto net worth
Caption: American-Cuban model, Yvette Prieto net worth

Michael and Yvette live in their gigantic mansion in Jupiter. It is a 28,000 square feet mansion in Bear’s Club, a fancy neighborhood for rich people. Michael owns several estates as well. The Jordans must also have a fleet of cars in their garage.

Yvette Prieto’s Social media.

Yvette has an Instagram account (elaina.prieto). Unfortunately, her account is private. She is not as open as we expected her to be.

Looking at Michael’s social media, he goes by ‘Jumpman23’ and has 22 million followers specifically in his Instagram account. He has a brand account, however, @therareair.

Yvette Prieto ‘s Wiki bio and Facts.

Full name Yvette Prieto Jordan
Age 42 years old
Date of Birth  4th March 1979
Place of Birth Cuba
Profession Model
Net worth $5 Million
Husband Michael Jordan
Kids 2
Nationality Cuban American
Ethnicity Hispanic
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Parents Maria Prieto, Carlos Prieto

Yvette Prieto Jordan was born on 4th March 1979 to Maria and Carlos Prieto. The beautiful twin mother is 1.69m tall, and she weighs about 64 kg. Yvette has lovely brown eyes and light brown hair. Taking a quick look at her, we cannot be able to tell that she’s in her 40’s.

She is a very extravagant woman. Her wedding dress was a J’Anton Couture dress. The couple did not spare a dime in their wedding. It was spectacular and a day worth remembering.

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