Tim Chapman Children, Age, Death, Net Worth, Wife.

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Tim Chapman is a 56-year-old American retired actor who is popularly known for the show ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter.’ ‘Dog Bounty Hunters’ is a series that follows the family of Duane Dog Chapman in hunting fugitives. Tim also acted for the Empire of Ash III (1989) and ‘E! True Hollywood (1999). In this article, we are going to dig deep into his life, know about his family, net worth, and rumors around his death.

Who is Tim Chapman?

If you are fun of the reality series show, Dog The Bounty Hunter, then you must be familiar with Tim Chapman or Youngblood, his nickname. His early life was not a bed of roses, having his parents divorced when he was two and a half years old.

He confessed that he ran away from home to stay because his father would beat him up, and he never went back. He lived with his mother and maternal grandparents. Who operated a Bail Bond in Denver.

It is in the line of business that he met Duane Dog Chapman, where they became friends and moved with him to Hawaii to be with his family. Tim and Duane share the second name, have been together for a long, claim to be blood brothers but are not from the same parents.

Having a background in acting, Duane got Tim in, and the bounty hunting for fugitives started.  The A&E series ran from  2003 to 2012, with Tim appearing in a total of 93 episodes.

Tim had his very first civilian arrest when he was 14 years old. In 2006, Tim, together with Dog and his wife, were arrested in Mexico, where they were accused of depriving liberty for a rapist they went hunting down. The team went through a rough patch before the charges were dropped by the Mexican government.

Again in 2008, Tim was again arrested for what the authority termed as first-degree terroristic threatening an incident in Honolulu, Hawaii. The charges were later dropped, but this last arrest cost him his marriage.

Who is Tim Chapman Wife?

Tim was married to Davina Chapman until 2010, when the two separated. This could be a result of his second arrest, where he had an additional charge of indecent exposure after the authority caught him fondling himself at the back of the car.

Another woman also confessed to the caught that he witnessed him masturbate on his track, accusations that Tim denied. Other than Davina, Tim also had another partner who bore him his firstborn son; the woman is anonymous.

Image of Tim Chapman with wife Davina Chapman 
Caption: Tim Chapman with wife Davina Chapman


Tim has five children, his firstborn son, Tim Chapman Jr, from his past relationship, and the other five, namely Summer Rain, Autumn Sky, Thunder Cloud, and Hunter Storm, he had with Davina. He is a family man.

After his second arrest, he took some time off to look after his young children before coming back to the how.

Image of Tim Chapman with his kids
Caption: Tim Chapman with his kids

Net Worth.

Tim’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. His earning either per episode or series is not known.

Ever since he went missing, no one knows what the actor and third-generation bondsman is up to. He could be making more money.

Image of TV actor, Tim Chapman net worth
Caption: TV actor Tim Chapman net worth

Tim Chapman Death: (rumor or facts).

Since the end of the show, Tim disappeared from the spotlight. Rumors can say anything, but there are no reports that confirm his demise. According to latest update by his mother in Tim’s fans facebook group, he is alive and living with his children. So, to sum it up, Tim Chapman is alive.

Image of TV personality, Tim Chapman still alive
Caption: TV personality Tim Chapman still alive

Wiki and other facts.

Full name Timothy Charles “Youngblood” Chapman
Age 56 years old.
Date of Birth 13th May 1965
Place of Birth Ventura California, USA
Profession Actor
Net worth $ 3Milion
Wife Davina Chapman, (Divorced)
Kids Tim Chapman Jr, Summer Rain, Autumn Sky, Thunder Cloud, and Storm Hunter
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign
Parents Ronald Chapman, Diane Wimberley

Timothy Chapman was born on 13th May 1965 in Ventura, California, before moving to Denver, where he stayed with his mother, Diane Wimberley, a bondswoman, after his mother and father, Ronald Chapman, divorced.

He became a third-generation bondsman and also took acting as a career. His acting skill started in the early 90s, and retired in 2012 after the end of the series ‘Dog, The Bounty Hunter.

Tim has no accounts across all the social media platforms; there is a hashtag on Instagram that has only has his acting photos.

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