Ivy Calvin Biography: 7 Facts.

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Ivy Calvin is ‘King of Palmdale’ on the reality TV show, storage ways. We are going to talk about Calvin, who is a businessman as well. He made his first appearance on the TV show during its 5th season.

Judging by his looks, we can easily say that Ivy is very serious when it comes to dealing with business matters. We are going to learn more things about him like; his early life, career, wife, sons, net worth, and age.

Ivy Calvin’s Wiki.

Calvin grew up in Palmdale, California. He went to a local high school. A few years later, he attended California State University. During his years there, he played football and was the linebacker for the college.

While he was still in University, Ivy became interested in storage lockers. He regularly made visits to auctions, and soon enough, he started investing in them.

After he graduated from University, he took up other hobbies such as martial arts. He was also an MMA fighter, whereby he competed in a match and won in 2002. Apart from football and martial arts, he also plays basketball.

Ivy Calvin’s Career.

In 2009, he opened up his shop called ‘Grandma’s Attic.’ It helped him learn a lot about the business world, mastering the buying and selling of items. His shop is full of artifacts like old antique stuff. As he was managing the shop, Ivy also worked as an assistant coach at a particular high school.

In 2013, the Grandma’s Attic owner was picked to star in the reality show, Storage Wars. The show was already in its 3rd season when he was brought on. Presently, he has appeared in over 50 episodes.

How old is Ivy Calvin?

Ivy Calvin was born on 10th September 1971 in California. It makes him 48-years old at the point of writing. The storage wars actor is also a Virgo.

Ivy Calvin’s Net worth.

Ivy Calvin’s net worth in 2020 is estimated to be $2 million. This amount was built up starting from his past career in his bidding days. From the show, it is said that he makes about $25,000 monthly. That seems like a pretty good amount. He also gets other income from his other businesses.

Image of Tv star, Ivy Calvin net worth
Caption: Tv star, Ivy Calvin net worth

You might be curious as to where he lives. The TV star lives in Acton, California, with his wife and sons.

Ivy Calvin is Married to wife Wendy Calvin.

Ivy is married to his beautiful wife, Wendy Calvin. By now, you would know that Calvin likes to keep his personal life at a low profile. We, therefore, cannot give any further information on his wife.

Image of Ivy Calvin and his wife Wendy Calvin
Caption: Ivy Calvin and his wife, Wendy Calvin

Ivy Calvin’s Kids.

The Storage Wars actor has two sons; Isaiah and Ivy Junior. Looking at Mr. Calvin’s social media, we can tell that his sons are all grown up. Like his father, Ivy Jr. plays basketball. During the business man’s free time, he spends his time with his sons and wife. Their family hobbies include; road trips, hunting, and fishing.

Image of Ivy Calvin son Isaiah Calvin
Caption: Ivy Calvin son Isaiah Calvin

Ivy Calvin’s Eye Injury.

There is a talk going on about what happened to Calvin’s eye. Most people thought that Ivy Calvin from Storage Wars suffered the injury during one of his fights back as an MMA Fighter. Later on, he made it clear that the eye injury was from fishing. It was a pretty bad accident that occurred when there was a strong wave. The whole incident ended with his eye getting hurt, leaving him with a permanent scar.

A look at his social media.

Let us take a look at his Instagram profile. His account is @ivycalvin. He has 846 followers. In his posts, we can see pictures of his sons, though he hasn’t mentioned otherwise. We have no clue who manages his account. As for his Twitter account, Ivy goes by @storagewarsivy with 18.6k followers.


Ivy Calvin’s Wiki bio and facts.

Full name Ivy Calvin
Age 49 years old
Date of Birth 10th September 1971
Place of Birth California, United States
Profession TV star, Businessman
Net worth $2 Million
Wife Wendy Calvin
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents NA

Details about Storage Wars cast Ivy Calvin’s parents and family are unknown. However, at least we know his wife and children’s name. We could describe him as a kind-hearted and confident guy. Calvin is also a charitable person and has attended several humanitarian-based events.

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