Golnesa Gharachedaghi “GG” Net Worth, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend, 9 Facts.

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Golnesa Gharachedaghi is an Iranian-American who is famous for her work on the hit reality show, Shahs of Sunset. The show follows her and her friends’ lives in Beverly Hills, California. She is also an entrepreneur with her couture collection. GG is the embodiment of the stereotypical California girl. She is a professed shopaholic and fashion diva. Stay with us to know Golnesa Gharachedaghi’s net worth.

Interestingly, she was a formidable gymnast in her early years and even competed in the Olympics. To learn more about this over-the-top reality star, continue reading our in-depth article.

Who is GG from Shahs of Sunsets?

Golnesa Gharachedaghi is popularly known as GG. Not only does it sound cool and catchy, but it is way easier than trying not to botch her Iranian name. GG’s TV career was launched with the advent of Shas of Sunset. Golnesa has featured on the show since its debut on Bravo.

GG from Shahs of Sunset is an independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself. She can be very understanding, but if someone pushes her buttons, she will put them in their rightful place. The Shahs of Sunset reality star is also a businesswoman, as aforementioned, with a hair extension line and couture line. For those who are still unaware, GG is now a mother too. She welcomed her first child on April 27th, 2020.

Golneasa Gharachedaghi “GG” from Shahs of Sunset has a Net Worth of $12 Million.

It should not come as a surprise, considering that she comes from a wealthy family and also runs her businesses. Moreover, she also makes a pretty penny from their reality show.

Image of TV personality, Golnesa Gharachedaghi
Caption: TV personality, Golnesa Gharachedaghi

It is rumored that the Shahs of Sunset reality star also gets a monthly allowance from her parents to a tune of $7,000. Undoubtedly, it’s safe to say that GG is living the good life.

She was once married to a husband.

GG’s marriage to her husband, Shalom Yeroushalmi, became the talk of the entertainment world in 2017. Not only was it one of the most rushed weddings ever, but it was also one of the shortest celebrity marriages ever documented. The couple was only married for five weeks.

Image of Golnesa with her husband Shalom Yeroushalmi
Caption: Golnesa with her husband, Shalom Yeroushalmi

Golnesa confessed that the marriage was rushed and that it should have never happened in the first place. She went on to say that after receiving their marriage license, they rushed to a nearby chapel’s alter and tied the knot. The Shahs of Sunset reality star revealed that they were not even remotely dressed for the occasion. They finalized their divorce towards the end of 2018.

Who is Golnesa Gharachedaghi “GG” from Shah of Sunset Dating?

Currently, GG from Shahs of Sunset is single and enjoying motherhood. The Shahs of Sunset reality star seems to be taking time to reflect on her life. She is in no rush to get married again and wants to do it right the second time. Interestingly enough, she and fellow cast member, Nema Vand, were rumored to be dating. They were seen getting super close and cozy on a recent episode of their show.

Image of Golnesa and Nema Vand
Caption: Golnesa and Nema Vand

At some point, they were even spotted kissing! However, no official confirmation of the relationship has come from either of them. We guess they were just flirty and fun. We will have to tune in to the show to see what happens with them.

Her Kids.

We all know that Golnesa Gharachedaghi is a pretty independent woman, right? Therefore, the news she was having a baby by IVF did not come as a surprise. GG worked with sperm donor agencies to find the right donor to fertilize her eggs.

She even joked that it was akin to the Build-A-Baby project. She gave birth to her baby, Elijah Javad Gharachedaghi, on April 27th, 2020. GG has posted pics of her and the baby on social media, clearly indicating that she enjoys motherhood.

Image of Golnesa Gharachedaghi with her baby Elijah Javad Gharachedaghi
Caption: Golnesa Gharachedaghi with her baby Elijah Javad Gharachedaghi

Golnesa Gharachedaghi Wiki Table.

The Shahs of Sunset reality star hails from Los Angeles, California. GG from Shahs of Sunset was born on 27th November 1981. She was raised in Los Angeles, California. Golnesa is currently 39. Her parents immigrated to the US in 1975 from their home country, Iran.

Her father’s name is Mahmoud Gharachedaghi. He is a successful owner of a boutique architecture business in Los Angeles. GG’s mom works in the textile industry, which might have inspired her daughter to start her couture line.

Golnesa Gharachedaghi Social Media

Golnesa Gharachedaghi is very active on social media. Her Instagram handle is gg_golnesa. She has amassed a following of 828K followers. GG loves posting photos of her newly born baby, herself, and her friends.


Golnesa Gharachedaghi, the animal lover.

Golnesa Gharachedaghi loves animals, as seen from her social media. She loves posting photos of her huge Rottweiler dogs from when they were puppies. GG also has cats, too, and posts about them on her Instagram. She also raised awareness against elephant poaching and urged her followers to support Soldiers for Wildlife, an organization that protects elephants from poachers.

Golnesa Gharachedaghi’s wiki, net worth, and other facts.

Full name Golnesa Gharachedaghi
Age 39 years old.
Date of Birth 27th November 1981
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Profession Reality television star, entrepreneur
Net worth $12 million
Partner Single
Kids 1
Nationality American
Ethnicity Iranian
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents Mahmoud Gharachedaghi

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