Darrell Sheets Net Worth, Wiki: 11 Facts.

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Darrell Sheets is an antiques’ collector and esteemed TV reality star. He is part of A & E’s Best Bidding Wars. The show focuses on his scavenging exploits as he looks for storage lockers on sale. Not just any lockers, the ones that owners haven’t paid rent for in over three months. Failure to pay rent leads to it going on auction.

Darrell, who is nicknamed the gambler, likes to go big in his quest for valuable items. In this article, we are going to talk about him in detail. Find out Darrell Sheets net worth, Age, career, and so forth.

Darrell Sheets Wiki.

Darrell Sheets has been on Storage Wars since it first aired in 2010. We can see that he has been in the business industry for about a decade. We are not sure how much he was making before the show. His career as a TV star and a hunter became more successful each passing year. He has been on the show from season one to season nine.

As you watch some episodes, you will get to see that his significant risks ended up being a win for him. Not just once but a couple of times. He has been able to find some very valuable items worth thousands of dollars. Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars also got to work alongside his son, Brandon Sheets.

The Storage Wars actor has not disclosed any personal details about himself or his family. He has only given his birth details. As a child, Sheets was always fond of hunting. Not animal hunting but things like artifacts. For now, the TV star has not yet given out details about his education.

How old is Darrell Sheets?

The Storage Wars gambler is currently 63 years old. Darrell was born back on 13th May 1958. It makes him a Taurus in regards to his star sign.

Darrell Sheets’ Net worth.

It is true that he is really not that famous, for he has only been in one TV show. However, he is probably the most liked cast member on the show due to his excellent eye for antiques. How much does he make from the show? Sheets makes $25,000 for every episode he works on.

Image of TV actor, Darrell Sheets net worth
Caption: TV actor, Darrell Sheets net worth

Apart from earning from the show, Darrell sells stuff found inside the lockers he purchased on the show. He has been lucky for quite a while because the items he finds in the purchased lockers are usually valuable. That means he can get a significant profit margin from their sale.

Darrell Sheets’s net worth is $4.5 million.

Some of his valuable discoveries.

The Gambler got lucky several times. But his findings in one of the recent episodes proved to be a big win for him. Sheets risked his $3600 to purchase a storage locker. Guess what he found inside?

Art by Frank Gutierez. The collection was worth around $300,000. That was probably the most significant find in the show’s history to date.

Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars also came to own a letter he found in a storage locker. Upon further investigation, Darrell discovered that it was written by the first president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

Is Darrel Sheets married?

Darrell is currently not married. However, Darrell Sheets is repotedly dating a woman named Patty Rich. Honestly, it is getting hard to keep track of his dating life. Who is his current girlfriend? Is it Patty or Romney?

Image of Darrell with his girlfriend Patty Rich
Caption: Darrell with his girlfriend Patty Rich

After he retired from the show, Darrell confessed to having met a woman he came to fell in love with. The two met when he was going to do boat shopping. There is not much information on Patty. All we could find is that she is blonde and owns a couple of vineyards and restaurants.

Darrel’s weight loss journey.

There was a time Darrell Sheets went through a weight loss when he was still married to Kimber. He used to be overweight. Being overweight is not healthy at all; it could lead to certain health conditions.

Sheets then decided to start a program called Nutrisystem. Following this program led him to lose about 40 pounds. He only used to eat packaged meals provided for him when he started the process. According to him, it was ex-wife, Kimber, who encouraged him to begin the program.

A look at his past relationships.

Darrell might be open to some details, but he leaves out other information most of the time. We learned that he was once married to a woman named Kimber Weurfel. They got engaged sometime in 2012.

Image of Darrell Sheets and Kimber Weurfel
Caption: Darrell Sheets and Kimber Weurfel

Kimber is a real estate agent. Details on how Darrell and Kimber came to know each other will put a smile on your face and also make you wonder. The two met while they were both on the road. Darrell stopped to give out his number to the beautiful lady, and that is how their relationship began.

Sheets’ past relationships and marriage life will confuse you. Apparently, before dating Kimber, he already had two kids from his previous marriage. Kimber and Darrell Sheets then split in 2016.

In the same year, he met a woman named Romney Snyder. They fell in love, and later on, Darrell proposed. Romney is a horse rescue worker in a non- profit organization and was even a CEO. Or was, we are not sure if she still does that. She and Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars met at a slaughter auction in 2016. Romney is from Irvine. For a sixty-year-old guy, he sure has had a lot of relationships.

Image of Darrell Sheets with Romney Synder
Caption: Darrell Sheets with Romney Synder

Darrel Sheets Son, Brandon.

He is known to have two children from his past marriage. However, only one is known to the public, Brandon Sheets. There is no information disclosed on his sibling.

From all we gathered, Brandon graduated from Vista High School. He was born on 26th December 1983. There is no information available relating to his mother’s identity.

Image of Darrel Sheets with son Brandon
Caption: Darrel Sheets with son Brandon

Brandon followed in his father’s footsteps by appearing on the TV show, Storage Wars. Unfortunately, he was cut out from the show because of budget issues. Hopefully, Brandon will be as good as his father someday. He currently has a wife named Melissa and a daughter, Addie.

A look at Darrell Sheet’s Social Media.

Darrell has various social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let us see just how many fans he’s got. His Twitter account is @DarrellGambler. He has 109.9k followers.

His Instagram account is @darrellgambler, with 39.1k followers. Sheets’ posts are mostly of his daily life, girlfriend, items he got from storage wars, and his grandson.


And finally his Facebook account, @Darrell Sheets. According to his Facebook page details, he went to Edison High. We also found out that he has a brother named Tim Sheets and a sister named Julianne.

Darrell Sheets’ Wiki Info.

Full name Darrell Sheets
Age 63 years old
Date of Birth 13th May 1958
Place of Birth San Diego, California, United States
Profession Reality TV Star, antique collector, storage hunter.
Net worth $4.5 million
Partner Patty Rich ( girlfriend)
Kids 1
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Parents Under review

The 63-year-old reality TV star Darrell Sheets was born in San Diego. According to his social media, he has a brother and a sister, Tim, and Julianne. Thanks to his son Brandon, he has been able to become a grandfather finally.

Taking a look at the treasure hunter, we could say he looks fit for his age. It rings especially true because he had heart surgery recently.


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