Xea Myers College, Father, Net Worth of Antonia Lofaso’s Daughter.

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Xea Myers is an American Internet Personality. She is known best as the late singer, Heavy D’s Daughter. He was a rapper, producer, singer, and actor. Heavy D stuck to Hip Pop and Reggae Fusion. Xea’s mother, Antonia Lofaso, is also a famous Chef. She has featured in well-known Tv Shows such as Restaurant Start-up, Beat the Chefs, Chopped, and Top Chef.

Xea Myers has appeared in a few documentaries like Unsung (2008) and Be Inspired: The Life of Heavy D. The documentary was all about Heavy D’s life, family, and accomplishments. Find out more details on Xea Myers.

Who is Xea Myers? Her college.

Xea Myers is the only daughter and child of Dwight Myers, aka Heavy D and Antonia Lofaso. She was born and raised in Beverly Hills. According to her Facebook page, he went to Marymount High School.

Back in 2017, her mother posted a picture with her saying that she was off to college. Though we never found out which college she went to or what she majored in.

Her Net Worth.

Xea Myers’ net worth is still Under Review. However, we know for a fact that she has already received the inheritance that her father left her.

Since Xea was still a minor when her father died, her uncle, Floyd Myers, offered to manage the Essence Estate that belonged to Heavy D.

Image of Internet Personality, Xea Myres net worth
Caption: Internet Personality, Xea Myers net worth

Now that she is of age, Xea inherited the Essence Estate her father’s assets, including social security, Royalties, and others. Being Heavy D’s only child, Xea probably inherited everything that her father owned.

We now have a clue of what she might be doing now. She is the sole owner of the company of Essence, which means that he is running it.

Xea Myers Parents.

Antonia Lofaso.

Antonia is a renowned Chef. She was born on 23rd November 1976 in Northridge, Los Angeles. Not only is she an excellent chef, but she is also an author.

Antonia has published a Cookbook known as ‘The Busy Mom’s Cookbook,’ and it was published in 2012. As mentioned above, Antonia has appeared in various famous Tv Shows.

She currently owns Black Market Liquor Bar, DAMA, and Scopa Italian Roots- Los Angeles.

Image of Xea Myers with her mother Antonia Lofaso
Caption: Xea Myers with her mother Antonia Lofaso

She must have gotten her passion and talent for cooking from someone in her family. It’s common how cooking skills can be inherited from one person to another.

To further achieve her dreams, she went to the French Culinary Institute. Before she got to where she is now, Antonia worked different jobs in different restaurants. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Antonia is said to be Italian American. We are not sure whether she was in another relationship after Xea’s father passed away.

Daugther of Heavy D.

Dwight Arrington Myers was an Italian American Rapper. He was born on 24th May 1967 in Mandeville, Jamaica, to Eulahlee Lee and Clifford Vincent Myers.

Dwight is Best Known by his stage name, Heavy D. He used to be the top dog of the Heavy D & the Boys back in his active days. Some of his albums were Heavy, Waterbed Hev, Vibes, and Love Opus.

He was even featured in more than ten Television shows and Movies. Heavy D has been active since 1986 till the year he died.

Image of Xea Myers with her late father Heavy D
Caption: Xea Myers with her late father Heavy D

On 8th November 2011, Heavy D passed away. The cause of his death was due to a Pulmonary Embolism. It is said that Dwight and Antonia were never married before though they were staying together as a married couple.

Wiki Bio, Age, and Facts.

Full name Xea Myers
Age 21 years old
Date of Birth 29th March 2000
Place of Birth Beverly Hills, California, United States
Profession Internet Personality
Net worth Under Review
Boyfriend N/A
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Jamaican Italian
Zodiac Sign Aries
Parents Antonia Lofaso, Dwight Arrington Myers

Heavy D and Antonia Lofaso’s daughter Xea Myers was born on 29th March 2000 to Antonia and Dwight Myers. Xea never had any siblings. It was just her and her mother when her father died.

She is currently 21 years old and enjoying her youth. Xea is known to have dark curly hair and dark eyes. She has not yet disclosed details of her body measurements. Xea happens to be very active on social media.

Going through her posts, we notice that she loves spending time with her friends. Xea also has a few pictures with her parents. We also got to learn that she is a massive fan of Rihanna.

So far, Antonia Lofaso’s daughter is currently single, or at least that is what the media shows. Xea has not given some personal information on herself.



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