Wayde King Net Worth, Illness. Divorce from wife Heather King.

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Wayde King is a 54-year-old American magnate and television personality. He is the co-owner of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Together with his brother-in-law, Brett Raymer, they ventured in the family business that has gained a massive reputation as one of the biggest aquarium manufacturing company America. Other than business, Wayde is also known Animal Planet show “Tanked” (2011), where he acted. Know his net worth and other personal information about him in this article.

Who is Wayde King?

Wayde King is an American entrepreneur and television actor from Long Island, New York. His career information can be traced back to after his parents divorced when he was 14, and he went to live with his mother and stepfather, who happened to be running an aquarium cleaning service. This was the wake of his future career.

Having determined what he wanted, Wayde started building a rewarding skill by attending American Institute for tooling, a machinist school, to become a diamond cutter.

There, he also learned to use a wide variety of machines. Ten Years later, he moved to Vegas to work with a firm that builds aquariums. Ione of his tasks was to build a tank for Irwin Raymer, who saw his potential and decided to partner with him to build an enterprise to sell fish and build tanks.

After constructing a 600-gallon fish tank for Irwin Raymer, who later became his father-in-law, a new business was birthed out. Together with Bret Raymer, they found Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), a successful family business with both opportunities and challenges.

After 13 years of a successful run, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing had an agreement with ‘Animal Planet’ ‘Tanked’ to start production of broadcast for a television channel. The first show hit the airwave in 2011 and had a smooth run till it came to a natural end in 2018, having premiered 15 seasons.

Wayde has also appeared in TV shows such as America’s Cutest (2009) and Monster Garage (2002), where he kicked off his acting career and also had a taste for his love for cars.

Wayde King’s Net Worth.

The popular business Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) operates in a 37000 square feet premise with around 50 employees. They manufacture a wide variety of tanks in terms of sizes.

The tanks contain among the world’s most exotic and endangered species of fishes. The company brings in around 8 – 10 Million dollars as annual sales. Wayde also appeared in the show ‘Tanked’ as one of the major actors and earned a significant amount of money.

His net worth is estimated to be 5 Million US dollars. He also owns a house in Las Vegas that amounts to 600,000 USD and Chrysler 300 STR 8 because he is a car fanatic.

Image of TV personality, Wayde King net worth
Caption: TV personality Wayde King net worth

Marriage life with Heather King.

It’s his first job after getting a job in Vegas that lead him to meet heather Raymer. Heather happened to be the daughter of Irwin, who Wayde built for the 600-gallon fish tank.

To reward him even further, Irwin introduced Wayde to Heather, and the two fell in love. They tied note on 25th October 1997. They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon, and to spice their romantic relationship further, the couple went to Mexico for their second year anniversary, where they tried Wayde’s favorite activity, scuba diving. The two were blessed with two daughters, Tayler and Morgan.

Image of Wayde King with wife Heather King and daughter Tayler
Caption: Wayde King with wife Heather King and daughter Tayler

Who is Heather King?

Heather Raymer was her first named before being married to Wayde King. Her date of birth is not disclosed. She is the daughter of Irwin Raymer and brother to Bret Raymer, the co-founder of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). Wayde King’s wife was the accountant in the business. She loved working with his father, brother, and husband.

Wayde Divorcing wife Heather King soon.

In March 2019, Heather was arrested for domestic violence after they had a heated argument with her husband that involved physical abuse, according to a police report. The charges were dropped for lacking sufficient evidence.

She either confessed to kicking and punching the husband in the stomach. A day later, Heather filed a divorce report and placed other drastic demands, included but not limited to monthly support, which is a quarter of Wayde’s monthly gross salary as child support and temporal spousal support,  from her separated husband as she waits for the divorce go through.

Wayde has not openly commented on these reports so far. The exact cause of the argument that leads to filing divorce has not is a mystery, but if the demand by the wife is anything to go by, then anyone can tell.


The officer who came to their home after reports of heated argument noticed redness on Wayder’s stomach side. Wayde also told the police that he was hanging by the window of his wife’s car as she drove, allegations that Heather denied. She either confessed to slapping and punching him in the stomach.

Weight loss.

In 2016 – 2018, Wayde became the star topic on Twitter as the tweets relating to his weight loss went viral. He even received congratulations messages from one of his fans of the show who said that he looked much better on television.

Even though the height of the weight loss has not been disclosed, according to an interview with his co-founder Bret Raymer, Wayde had made much progress in looking much better.

Image of Wayde King weight loss before and after
Caption: Wayde King weight loss before and after
Full name Wayde King
Age 54 years old.
Date of Birth 16th September 1969.
Place of Birth Long Island, New York, USA.
Profession Entrepreneur, TV actor
Net worth $ 5 million.
Wife Heather Raymer
Kids Tayler King and Morgan King
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents Unknown

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