Ron Teigen Sr. Married to Wife Vilailuck Teigen. Bio of Chrissy Teigen’s Father.

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Don Teigen is from a Norwegian German Descent. He is best recognized as Chrissy Teigen’s father. Chrissy is a renowned model, author, and Internet Personality. Chrissy has been able to make her father proud by working hard and becoming who she is today. He and his wife aren’t famous, but at least Vilailuck has disclosed a couple of information about herself.

Ron, on the other hand, lives totally off the radar. Continue reading to find out more details on Ron Teigen: his career, marriage life, children, Age, and Net worth. Let me take you through her life.

His Marriage to Vilailuck Teigen.

We were able to find out from a particular source a couple of details involving his marriage life. Vilailuck met Ron when he was touring Thailand. Back then, she was a single mother and had a daughter named Tina.

When they got into a relationship, Ron took his wife and stepdaughter to Utah, United States. They got married on 10th May 1983. Two years later, they had their first and only child, Chrissy Teigen.

The Teigen family then moved to live in Washington. Ron’s wife had to move back to Thailand to take care of her father, who was suffering from Lung Cancer. After Ron’s father-in-law died, Vilailuck moved back to America.

Though tragic struck again, which made Vilailuck go back to her home in Thailand, her mother had an accident on a train, and she had to go back and take care of her.

Image of Ron Teigen Sr with his wife Vilailuck
Caption: Ron Teigen Sr with his wife, Vilailuck

Vilailuck stayed in Thailand for many years. However, she had left Chrissy with her father. They moved to live in Huntington Beach in the South of Los Angeles.

That was where a photographer discovered Chrissy, and her new life began there. The reason why Chrissy’s mother stayed away for a long time is not known.

Image of Ron Teigen Sr with his daughter Chrissy
Caption: Ron Teigen Sr with his daughter Chrissy

We now understand partly why they could have divorced. Perhaps their marriage did not have sparks like before, and it came to an end alas. Ron filed for a divorce in November 2019, and it was finalized recently in May 2020.

In one of Vilailuck’s interviews, she mentioned that her ex-husband had three other children from other women. She, however, did not give any further information.

His Net Worth.

Ron’s Net Worth is currently Under Review. He might as well be retired. Looking at a couple of photos of him, we can see that he is in his mid-60’s. His ex-wife is said to have a net worth of $200,000. Vilailuck lives with her daughter’s family and helps watch over her grandchildren. She is also known to write cookbooks that earn her income from time to time.

Image of Internet Celebrity, Ron Teigen Sr net worth
Caption: Internet Celebrity, Ron Teigen Sr net worth

Ron’s daughter Chrissy has an estimated net worth of $26 Million. She has been able to achieve all that through her career in modeling, Television, and as a cookbook author. Chrissy has been able to make a name for herself over the years.

What also made her mad famous was her wedding with John Legend, an internet music sensation. They currently live a life of luxury with their children, which they deserve for their hard work and talent.

Wiki Bio and Facts.

Full name Ron Teigen Sr.
Age 60’s
Date of Birth Under review
Place of Birth Under review
Profession Internet Personality
Net worth Under Review
Wife Vilailuck Teigen(ex-wife)
Kids 1
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents N/A

Chrissy Teigen’s father Ron Teigen Sr. is Norwegian American. There are no details on his personal life. We only know that he is part Norwegian part German. He might have moved to live in the States and acquired citizenship just like his ex-wife Vilailuck. In 2018, Ron won a ‘Father of the Year’ Title.

He tattooed his daughter’s face on his left bicep. This shows how much he adores his daughter, going to the extreme of having her daughter’s face on his arm. Ron lives 10 minutes away from Chrissy and visits her almost every time.

His Twitter social media account is @Ron TeigenSr, with 7344 followers. According to his page, he describes himself as a Democrat. We also find out that Ron is a dog person. He has a photo of a bulldog, which is probably his. Ron has no other social media account apart from Twitter. He is currently living as a single man after being married for 36 years.


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