Bruno Massel Wife, Net Worth: 7 Facts.

Bruno Massel is a television personality who hosts Garage Squad and also Truck U. He spent a lot of time on the drag strip as a child. It has influenced his present career. Bruno is a two-time winner of the National Hot Rod Association World Championships.

He has also worked as a commentator for the NHRA and modeled after completing university. Join us as we delve deeper into his career and to learn more about his personal life.

Is Bruno Massel married?

The NHRA champion is married to his lovely wife, Dayna Purgatorio. Bruno and Dayna tied the knot on 28th December 2002, and they have been happily married since. They have been blessed with two sons. The Garage squad cast loves to post photos of his boys and his wife. This is a loving family.

On 28th December 2019, Garage Squad Bruno Massel posted a photo of his lovely wife, wishing her a happy anniversary. He then hilariously thanked his wife for putting up with him for all the years they had been together. Massel then ended the lovely message by telling his wife that he loves her.

Meet Bruno Massel’s Wife Dayna Purgatorio.

Dayna Purgatorio is very mysterious and likes to keep her life private. However, looking at Bruno’s Instagram, we can see that his wife loves fitness. On their anniversary, on December 28th, 2018, the Garage Squad host posted some photos of his wife. He also wished her a happy anniversary and revealed that she was Miss Fitness Iowa Champion of 1997.

Bruno went on to add that his wife still looked ready to model even after two decades and two kids. His wife also loves the beach as there are several photos of her on the beach sporting bikinis and showing off her abs and well-toned body.

Image of Bruno Massel with wife Danya Purgatorio
Caption: Bruno Massel with wife Danya Purgatorio

His Kids.

Bruno Massel and his lovely wife have two boys, as aforementioned. The NHRA racer is very proud of his boys and loves them a great deal. His Instagram is littered with photos of his lovely sons. The dad of two recently posted a picture of one of his sons, Anthony. He wished him a happy eleventh birthday and marveling at how fast the boy has grown since he was born in 5th April 2009.

Image of Bruno Massel kids
Caption: Bruno Massel kids

On 9th March 2020, Bruno Massel posted photos of his elder son, whom he likes calling Little B, wishing him a happy birthday. That means his elder son was born on 9th March 2007. The lovely boy was turning thirteen.

His dad went on to write that he couldn’t believe that he was proud of officially having a teenager. He also posts photos of him and his sons in the race track. The two boys love sports, and there are many photos of them in their sports attire.

Bruno Massel Net Worth.

It is no secret that Bruno Massel’s career has been a successful one. From modeling to hosting sports shows, the Truck U host has been estimated to have a net worth of $6 million. His income is derived from his earnings as a drag racer, model, and media personality.

Image of TV host, Bruno Massel net worth
Caption: TV host, Bruno Massel net worth

On average, models can rake in about $50K per annum. His work in drag racing has proven more lucrative over the years. People in his line of work can make as much as $150,000 a year.

Bruno Massel Career.

The NHRA commentator attended York High School in his home town of Elmhurst. The Truck U host then joined the University of Iowa. He graduated with a degree in Finance and Marketing in 1986. After Iowa, he wanted to pursue a degree in law but changed his mind after attending his first orientation as it became apparent to him that it was not his path. In 1997, he became a model after a recruiting agent spotted him.

Afterward, Bruno Massel’s joined the International Hot Rod Association and began racing using his dad’s dragster. Later, he became a commentator for SPEED and TNN. As a result of his excellent commentator skills, he got a job as an NHRA commentator appearing in ESPN2 and Discovery for a decade. At the same time, he won two NHRA championships. His fame rose by many notches when he began hosting the reality car show, the Garage Squad.

Bruno Massel’s Age and DOB.

The Garage Squad host was born on May 23rd, 1974, in Elmhurst, Illinois, in the United States. He is 45 years old in 2020. The NHRA commentator is a Gemini Zodiac.

Bruno Massel’s Accident.

Massel had an accident that left him with a concussion while racing at Route 66 Raceway in 2010. His mom rushed to the scene after she heard of the accident. She was a great comfort to him at the time.

Bruno Massel Social Media.

The two-time NHRA champion is very active on social media. His Instagram handle is @Brunomassel. He loves posting photos of his drag race career alongside racing cars. Massel also loves posting his family and his pet dog. He has 31.6K Instagram followers.

Bruno Massel wiki-bio and other facts.

Full name Bruno Massel, Jr.
Age 45 years old.
Date of Birth May 23rd, 1974,
Place of Birth Elmhurst, Illinois, USA
Profession Television host, model, sports commentator, and drag racer
Net worth $6 million
Partner Dayna Purgatorio
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Parents Bruno Massel Sr. and Rosalind Massel

Tanmay Bakshi Net Worth, Parents: 7 Facts about the Indian Computer Genius.

Tanmay Bakshi is probably one of the youngest developers in the world today. He rose to fame at just nine years old when he developed ‘t-Tables’ an app for multiplication. It is just amazing to hear and learn about these young talents.

Tanmay even ended up in business with the IOS Apple store after his app was accepted. Apart from being a developer, he is also a writer and a YouTuber. In this article, we are going to learn more about the brilliant 16-year-old.

Who is Tanmay Bakshi?

Tanmay is a Canadian teenager who has left people mesmerized due to his successful career. Who do you know that started coding at the age of five? He has already secured a place for himself in the world of technology. There is no doubt that he will grow up to become a young millionaire due to his fantastic tech skills.

That is if he isn’t already. Remarkably, Tanmay was homeschooled by his parents. Therefore, there isn’t much to tell about his educational background. Let us take a look at his career.

Tanmay Bakshi’s career info.

Bakshi is a Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning. As young as he is, Tanmay has already hosted TED talks. These kinds of conferences are usually reserved for people who are experts in their specific fields, and Tanmay is no different. He has addressed thousands of audiences in universities, discussions, and even companies.

Image of Google Developer Expert, Tanmay Bakshi
Caption: Google Developer Expert, Tanmay Bakshi

The teenage Google Developer has also been featured in magazines such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and Vancouver Sun. As mentioned before, he developed an app that was featured in the Apple Store.

His work with IBM.

At 11, he was already partnering with IBM. In the year 2017, he received a Knowledge Ambassador Award. Tanmay is the Author of the book: Hello Swift! IOS App Programming for kids and other beginners. His book was published on 29th October 2019.

It received a lot of good reviews. It was highly praised because it was straightforward and written in the simplest way possible. The book goes for about $29.49 in Amazon.

How old is Tanmay?

Tanmay Bakshi was born on the 16th of October 2003 in Toronto, Canada. He is set to turn 17 by the end of the year. Like most Libras, Tanmay possesses great intellect. He is observant and clever, evident by the fact that at 16, he has already accomplished extraordinary feats.

His net worth and earnings.

You must be wondering what Tanmay is worth. Well, his net worth is currently still under review. It is said that Google paid the youngster $1.25 million. According to paying scales, software programmers tend to make about $79k per year. The Young Google Developer also gets his income from YouTube and his books, not forgetting other companies he works with.

Image of Author, Tanmay Bakshi net worth
Caption: Author, Tanmay Bakshi net worth

Tanmay Bakshi’s Parents.

Tanmay was born in Toronto, Canada, to Puneet and Sumita Bakshi. His parents moved to Canada before he was born. Tanmay’s father is a Computer Programmer while his mother is a housewife. When he was young, he would watch his father work. That is how he developed an interest in computers.

Image of Tanmay with his father Puneet and mother Sumita Bakshi
Caption: Tanmay with his father Puneet and mother Sumita Bakshi

The fascinating thing about the teenage google developer is that he was homeschooled. His parents must have done an excellent job as he grew into a brilliant teen.

A look at Tanmay’s Social media.

Tanmay Bakshi has a couple of social media accounts. On Instagram, for example, he boasts an impressive following of 4556. Most of tanmay’s posts are related to his work and family. His recent post saw him sat at the dinner table with his parents, about to enjoy what we can only assume was a lovely meal.

  • Facebook – @ Tanmay Bakshi with 23,700 followers. Taking a look at his posts, they are mostly pictures of him with his family.
  • Twitter- @TajyMany with 21.1k followers.
  • YouTube- @tanmaybakshi with 333k subscribers. Its where Tanmay posts all his videos and tutorials.

Tanmay’s Wiki bio and facts.

Full name Tanmay Puneet Bakshi
Age 16 years old
Date of Birth October 16th, 2003
Place of Birth Toronto, Canada
Profession Coder, Google Developer, Author, You Tuber
Net worth Under review
Girlfriend single
Kids N/A
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Asian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents Puneet Bakshi, Sumita Bakshi

It’s incredible how Tanmay Puneet Bakshi found his calling at a very young age, in this instance, proving that age is just a number. Switching focus to his private life, we learned that Tanmay has a sister named Tanvi Bakshi.

When he is not busy on the computer, he spends his time playing tennis and riding bicycles. For a teen, Tanmay has a ton of knowledge when it comes to computer programming. We can describe him as a jovial, talkative person with a good heart. Most of his youtube videos are tutorials and details he shares with his viewers regarding topics like logarithms.

Bernice Burgos Wiki, Age, Daughters:13 Facts you should know.

Bernice Burgos is an American model, video vixen, and entrepreneur. She is famous for appearing in the hip hop videos of some of the best-known rappers in the world. Burgos also worked as an actress and reality star. The video vixen is known for her age-defying body and ageless beauty that has left many mouths drooling in awe.

From humble beginnings, Bernice has proven that determination, ambition, and focus can take one to the very top. Join us as we take a closer look at her personal and career life.

Who is Bernice Burgos?

Bernice Burgos is the ethos and embodiment of what a video vixen and model should look like. Rocking a curvaceous body, she reminds us that beauty comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms.

Burgos has made a name for herself in the entertainment and fashion industry. She started as what most people would term as a lost course. At the age of 15, she learned that she was pregnant. It remains quite a young age to get pregnant.

Bernice also had a baby face that made her look like she was seven. People called her a baby having a baby. To add salt to injury, her baby daddy was not supportive at all. As such, she was forced to move in with his mother. In addition to this, Bernice had to drop out of school and ended up doing chores at her boyfriend’s mom’s house.

In time, she decided to look for work and landed a job as a bartender. It proved a brilliant stroke of luck as she was discovered while working there. A career as a video vixen followed soon after. Remarkably, Burgos continued working as a bartender because it paid very well. She revealed that she sometimes makes over $10,000 a night. Quite impressive, don’t you think?

Bernice is a businesswoman as well.

Net Worth.

It is no secret that the entertainment industry is lucrative. Bernice Burgos is worth $1 million. Looking at her successful career, it becomes apparent how she has managed to make a lot of money. Burgos started modeling at the age of 27.

Image of Model, Bernice Burgos net worth
Caption: Model, Bernice Burgos net worth

Her modeling paved the way for her stint in hip hop rap songs. Over the years, Bernice has worked with top artists like Rick Ross, J. Cole, and Drake. Burgos has some acting experience as well, featuring in the movie Notorious B.I.G. She also appeared on the reality show, Wild ‘N Out, which was aired on MTV. The Wild n Out star has also been featured in magazines like SHOW and even XXL.

Age & DOB.

Bernice Brugos is 40 years old as of writing this article and she was born on April 17th, 1980. Just like other Aries’ personalities, she loves having fun. Despite having a complicated background, Burgos has remained optimistic. She chooses to look on the bright side of life.

Plastic Surgery, Before and after.

The Bold and Beautiful owner has been very open when it comes to the topic of plastic surgery. Brenice has gone on record saying that she is proud of the decisions she made. Bernice revealed that her first surgery was done illegally and in a basement!

Image of Bernice Burgos plastic surgery before and after
Caption: Bernice Burgos plastic surgery before and after

It had been set up as a procedure room. Luckily for her, everything went well. The same cannot be said about all the other surgeries undertaken at illegal premises. They tend to be very unsafe and pose a significant risk to the patient’s body.

The Wild N Out star also revealed that she had a buttock enhancement procedure. It was done to fill in some side dents that she had. She has also had some work done on her face. Photos of her before surgery surfaced, showing that she was noticeably skinnier and less curvaceous.

The photos are what initially sparked her plastic surgery rumors. The bartender/fashion designer admitted that her butt was fake on Instagram. Without a doubt, we respect her for always keeping it real and being honest.

Bernice Burgos Dating Life.

Her dating history ought to have an article by itself, but we will try to keep it short and spill the most important details to you.

As far as we can tell, Bernice is currently dating Meek Mill, a famous rapper. The two started dating in June 2018.


Image of Bernice Burgos currently dating with Meek Mill
Caption: Bernice Burgos currently dating with Meek Mill

Burgos also reportedly dated Young M.A. For those who may not have heard of the name, we should point out that she is a famous female rapper in America. The rumors sparked when the rapper took to her Instagram on Valentine’s Day 2019 and posted a picture of her holding Bernice’s waist.

The mom of two also dated Young Quavo, an American rapper, from December 2017 to May 2018. He is known for being in the rap group, Migos, alongside his nephew and cousin. Some of his singles have made it to top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Without a doubt, the most controversial relationship she had was with the rapper, T.I. They are said to have dated in 2016, while the rapper was married to Tiny. She was accused of being a homewrecker.

Bernice Burgos Daughters.

As mentioned, Bernice became a mother when she was a teenager. Her pregnancy was difficult, mainly because she wasn’t supported by her grandmother nor her boyfriend. She gave birth to her first daughter, Ashley Burgos, on 17th April 1996.

Image of Bernice Burgos and her daughter Ashley
Caption: Bernice Burgos and her daughter Ashley

Ashley also became a mother at a relatively young age, making Bernice one of the youngest grandmothers out there. Her granddaughter’s name is India Ava Burgos. The video vixen revealed that she had always wanted to be a grandma in an Instagram post.

She also clarified that she would continue modeling despite having a grandchild. It came after some critics admonished her for posing provocative pictures on Instagram. Burgos loves posting photos of her and her daughter rocking the same outfit; this is known as twinning.

From the photos, it is remarkable just how striking their resemblance to each other is. Frankly, you cannot tell who is the mom or the daughter because they look pretty much like age mates.

Her daughter Ashley, however, is no slouch. She is a business-savvy youngster who went up to her mother and pitched an idea for sexy sleepwear for women. Bernice jumped at the idea, and the two started the Bold and Beautiful sleepwear line. The video vixen said that the business allowed her to satisfy a need in the fashion industry.

Her other daughter’s name is Sarai. Sarai is ten years younger than her elder sister, Ashley, meaning that she was born in 2006 and is about 14 years old. The Wild N Out star posted a video of her and Sarai in 2017. They were at the Kid Sport Choice Awards hosted by Nickelodeon. She captioned the post, ‘Sarai’s favorite.’

Her Baby Daddy.

Burgos has not revealed the identity of either of her daughter’s fathers. As aforementioned, Ashley was born in 1996 to a deadbeat father, and Sarai was born in 2006. However, the model has said that her baby daddy was a guy from the street who was in and out of jail.

Nationality and Ethnicity.

Bernice Burgos’ nationality is American. With ancestors who hail from Puerto Rico, Bernice is Latin. Thanks to her origins, she inherited some exotic and beautiful features.


Bernice Burgos’ parents’ names have not yet been released to the public. However, the model does post her mom and grandmother on Instagram. She posted a photo of her mom and grandma on Mother’s Day and wished them a Happy Mother’s Day.


Aside from her on-screen career, the mom of two is also an entrepreneur. As mentioned earlier, she co-owns a women’s sleepwear fashion line with her elder daughter that aims to create comfortable and sexy sleepwear for women. The line is named Bold and Beautiful. Bernice says that having that business allows her to teach her daughters how to progress.

Social Media account and influence.

The Bold and Beautiful proprietor is active on social media. Her Instagram handle is @realberniceburgos. She has an impressive following of 5.8 million. Her Instagram is littered with photos of herself that reveal her curvaceous body.

Scandals and Controversies.

Bernice’s biggest scandal is her alleged love triangle with T.I and Tiny. She was accused of being T.I.’s mistress. The Wild ‘N Out reality star has also faced plastic surgery scandals when fans noticed that she was way skinner than she is now. She did confirm that she loves and is proud of her plastic surgeries.

Bernice Burgos’ wiki, net worth, and other facts.

Full name Bernice Burgos
Age 40 years old.
Date of Birth April 17th, 1980
Place of Birth The Bronx, New York, USA.
Profession Model, video vixen, Reality tv personality, entrepreneur
Net worth $1 million
Partner Meek Mill
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Latin
Zodiac Sign Aries
Parents Under review

Meet Jacques Pépin’s Wife Gloria Pépin and Their Daughter and Grand Daughter.

Going by his skill set, his portfolio, and social charms, Jacques Pépin is undoubtedly one of those exciting personalities you would love to meet. Apart from the fact that he is a world-class, celebrated chef, Jacques has also adequately distinguished himself as a professional instructor of chefs. Now, check this out! He’s a host of 14 known public T.V. series, a prolific writer, and has dozens of published cookbooks. He has creatively advanced the art and craft of culinary techniques, quite as much as other figures, as far as the past century is concerned. Isn’t that exciting? Well, below are more fascinating facts about Jacques Pépin.

Early Life And Education.

Jacques Pépin is the second of three sons, birthed to Jeanne and Jean-Victor Pépin. Now, cooking has been second nature to him from his early childhood, as his parents owned a restaurant, his mother being the chef. The restaurant his parent-owned, Le Pelican, was where Pépin worked after school, often in the kitchen. Then, at the age of 13, he quit school to learn further and improve his culinary/cooking skills. He didn’t intend to work at his parents’ restaurant. He instead decided to work at the distinguished Grand Hotel de L’Europe in his home town, where he learned to cook, merely by watching and imitating the chef.

Image of Chef, Jacques Pepin
Caption: Chef, Jacques Pepin

When he turned seventeen (17), he moved to Paris. There, he started working in some of the distinguished restaurants of the time. First, he trained under Lucien Diat at the Plaza Athénée, and later, he moved on to Maxim’s and Fouquet’s.

In 1956, he worked for the French Navy as a chef. With time, between 1956 – 1958, he became the personal chef to three Heads of state. And guess what, that included Charles de Gaulle.

In 1959, Pépin moved to the United States and worked at the restaurant Le Pavillon. At that time, he wanted to complete his education, and so he applied to study English for international students.

And he subsequently took up General Studies, intending to get a Bachelor of Arts degree at Columbia University, which he earned in 1970. In 1972, he got his Master’s degree – Masters of Art in French Literature from the citadel of Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Jacques Pepin is Married to wife Gloria Pépin since 1966.

Who isn’t interested in celebrities’ love life? Jacques got married to Gloria in 1966, and they’ve been together for fifty-three (53) mind-blowing years, always moving along as inseparable lovebirds. Their story is indeed a special one.

Gloria Pépin, in a granted interview, noted that she met her husband on the Ski ropes. She said he looked handsome, and somehow, she wanted to get along and know him. She, however, admitted that she wasn’t sure of his sexuality, but as they got together, all doubts were cleared.

Image of Jacques Pepin with his wife Gloria Pepin
Caption: Jacques Pepin with his wife Gloria Pepin

Even amidst challenges, the couple spends each day intentionally loving each other. Fifty-three years doesn’t come easy. What do you think?

Jacques Pepin was born in 1935.

Jacques Pépin was born on December 18th in the year 1935 in Bourg-en-Bresse, France, 35 miles North of Lyon. That makes him about 85 years of age!

Jacques Pepin’s wife Gloria Pépin Is Alive.

You probably have heard the rumor, one way or another, that Jacques’s wife is dead, haven’t you? It’s impressive how rumors spread, even fast. Get set for the truth! Jacque’s wife, Gloria Pépin, isn’t dead! Unfortunately, another Gloria Pépin’s death had been mistaken for hers.

Well, this other Gloria Pépin was the beloved wife of Joseph R. Pépin (also late). And she passed away peacefully on Saturday, November 1st, 2014, at St. Francis Hospital. So, there you have it.

Gloria Pépin, the wife of Jacques Pépin, is fully alive and kicking. Jacques’ wife’s death is a rumor which, deliberately or ignorantly, arose from the mistaken identity of two distinct personalities.

Image of Jacques Pepin wife Gloria still alive
Caption: Jacques Pepin wife Gloria still alive

Now, add this to the shelf. Gloria Pépin has been married to Jacques Pépin since September 18th, 1966. They have just one child, Claudine Pépin.

She is the mother-in-law of Rollie Wesen and the grandmother of Shorey Wesen. She has appeared on quite a number of Jacques Pépin’s cooking shows, both in archive footage and in real life.

Jacques and wife Gloria Pépin Have a Daughter, Claudine Pépin.

Jacques has a daughter, and she was born on December 16th, 1968, in the USA as Claudine Renee Pépin. She is an actress, popularly known for Jacques Pépin’s Kitchen: Cooking with Claudine (1996), Heart & Soul (2015), and American Masters (1985).

She’s happily married to Rolland “Rolley” Bailey Wesen as far back as March 23rd, 2003, and they have one child. That is, of course, Shorey Wesen.

Claudine made her first cooking debut show, “Cooking with Claudine,” in 1995. Although she had not learned how to cook, she had worked on culinary jobs several times with her father.

Perhaps it was Jacque’s way of teaching her the art of cooking. Boom! The father/daughter duo became a PBS TV hit!

Image of Caption: Jacques Pepin with his daughter Claudine
Caption: Jacques Pepin with his daughter Claudine

Did Claudine go to school? Sure, she did. After all, her father is a graduate as well. She has a first degree in Political Science and Philosophy. And she also notably graduated from Boston University with a Master’s degree in International Relations.

He has a granddaughter Shorney Wesen.

Jacques Pépin, on one occasion, asked his then two-year-old granddaughter, Shorey Wesen, if she liked blueberries of which she affirmed in the positive.

She got early brightness as regards food, and this wasn’t surprising because her father and grandfather are professional chefs themselves. Plus, her mother cooks a whole lot using fresh ingredients.

Image of Jacques Pepin with his granddaughter Shorey Wesen
Caption: Jacques Pepin with his granddaughter Shorey Wesen

At the age of 5, Shorey frequently visited her grandparents, primarily because of her interest in helping her old man cook. She practically grew enthusiastic and comfortable in the kitchen early on.

Both Shorey and her mum loved to eat what grown-ups eat, and this developed a gourmand’s palate for them. In the long run, it birthed Jacques’s longstanding philosophy that “great meals are always the ones that are shared with family and friends.” It formed the basis for A Grandfather’s Lessons: In the Kitchen with Shorey (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017).


Jacque Pépin is not without a plethora of exciting accolades. Definitely, he is. Below are some awards and honors conferred on him:

  • Chevalier de L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres(1997)
  • Chevalier de L’Ordre du Mérite Agricole(1992)
  • France’s Légion d’honneur. In October 2004
  • Has notably received 24 James Beard Foundation
  • On February 5th, 2010, Pépin was named an honorary commodore of the Oceania Cruises
  • He has also received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Boston University on May 22nd, 2011.
  • In October 2011, Pépin was amazingly the recipient of the first-ever tribute dinner at the New York Food and Wine Festival.
  • In May 2017, Pépin received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Columbia University.
Image of Caption: Jacque Pepin received Daytime Emmys Lifetime achievement award
Caption: Jacques Pepin received Daytime Emmys Lifetime achievement award

Jacques Pépin Net Worth.

Jacques Pépin is a French chef, a T.V. personality, and an author whose net worth amounts to a sum of $20 million. He has amassed wealth from food, T.V. engagements, books, and of course, his services over the years.

TV Career.

Pépin earned a B.A. and M.A. from Columbia University. In 2000, he hosted the television series Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home. From 2013 to 2014, he frequently appeared as a chef on the T.V. series, Rachael Ray.

For Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home, Pépin won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2001 for Outstanding Service Show Host and had been nominated for the same award in the previous year, 2000. Below is a shortlist of his television engagements.

  • PBS series, The Complete Pépin (1997)
  • PBS series Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home (1999)
  • Jacques Pépin: Fast Food My Way(based on his 2004 book of the same name) ran on PBS,
  • Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way, broadcast on PBS’ Create.
  • Pépin was a guest judge on season five of the Bravo television show Top Chef, aired in 2008.
  • A guest on the television show, Wahlburgers episode called “Pauli Day.”
  • In 2015, his television series Jacques Pépin Heart & Soulbegan airing.
Image of Jacques Pepin from the TV show, Jacques Pepin Heart and Soul
Caption: Jacques Pepin from the TV show, Jacques Pepin Heart and Soul
  • “Jacques Pépin: The Art of Craft,” a documentary about his life, aired as part of the PBS series American Masters, premiering May 26th, 2017.


In 1970, Pépin actually launched a specialty soup restaurant and lunch counter on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue, naming it La Potagerie. However, the restaurant was closed in 1975, a year after he had a near-fatal car accident in 1974.

He and his partners could not agree on specific terms in the restaurant. After his accident, he became a restaurant consultant. He started working for the restaurateur, Joe Baum, towards his Windows on the World project.

Image of Jacques Pepin restaurant Oceania Cruise Lines
Caption: Jacques Pepin restaurant Oceania Cruise Lines

Recently, Oceania Cruise Lines’ Marina or Riviera Cruise Ship houses a culinary cruise that includes “Jacques” restaurant, which is Jacques Pépin’s own restaurant at sea.

Jacques Pépin Recipe.

These are from Jacques Pépin’s Heart & Soul

  • Shrimp Burgers on Zucchini

  • Grilled Snapper with Olive Topping
  • Poulet à la Crème
  • Camembert with Pistachio Crust
  • Apple Galette

And, there you have it, 11 interesting facts about JACQUES PÉPIN you should know – Now you know!

Chef Robert Irvine Net Worth, Wife, Height. 2020 Updates.

Robert Irvine is a Food Network veteran and is one of the best-loved celebrity chefs on the large screen now! Since his teenage years, he has been cooking and has overwhelmingly impressed audiences all over the world.

The British-born celeb is best known for his superb cooking prowess on shows like Dinner Impossible and Restaurant: Impossible. With more than 27 years of excellence and experience in the culinary profession, he has cooked his way through Europe, the Far East, the Caribbean, and the Americas, in hotels and on the high seas. Fascinatingly, he’s also a fitness guru, an author, and quite the family man who has turned his talents to a talk show – The Robert Irvine Show.

Irvine does have quite a long list of accomplishments, but what’s more captivating and exciting is his drive to make the world a better place in his little way. Irvine notably told Thread MB that he wants to be remembered as a man that “did everything in his power to make at least one person’s life a little brighter.”

And that’s very much adorable. Many would agree that he has done just that practically throughout his demonstrative career. Read on to discover more interesting facts on Chef Robert Irvine!

Robert Irvine is 6’2″ Tall.

Based on different info on different websites, as regarding his height and measurement, it is safe to lean towards the average. Robert still undoubtedly maintains his muscular and sturdy looks. He, thus, stands 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) and weighs an average of 82kg.

Image of Chef, Robert Irvine height is 6 feet 2 inches
Caption: Chef, Robert Irvine height is 6 feet 2 inches

How old is Robert Irvine?

Robert Irvine was born on the 24th of September, 1965, in Salisbury, England. This means he is about 55 years of age. To be more precise, he has lived for 20092 days, or even more nerdy, 482208 hours!

He is an Owner of Multiple Restaurants.

As expected, Robert Irvine is currently active in operating three restaurants. There are:

  • Robert Irvine’s Public House at the TropicanaResort in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Fresh Kitchen by Robert Irvine in Allentown, PA, and;
  • Fresh Kitchen by Robert Irvine located within The Pentagon

He is Celebrity Chef.

Irvine started his television career on Food Network on a show called “Fit for a King.” It was subsequently re-titled before broadcast to Dinner: Impossible. In this show, he would be given countless challenges throughout, and the audience found it to be very thrilling. This further led to greater success as regards his television show, Restaurant: Impossible.

Image of Robert Irvine from TV show, Restaurant Impossible
Caption: Robert Irvine from the TV show, Restaurant Impossible

Robert has also hosted or appeared on quite a number of other TV shows, some of which include:

  • Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America
  • Next Iron Chef
  • Restaurant Express
  • Chopped: Impossible
  • Guy’s Grocery Games: Impossible
  • A Hero’s Welcome
  • Food Network Star
  • ABC’s Body of Proof
  • ABC Family’s Melissa and Joey

Successful Author.

Despite his cooking skills, Robert has managed to squeeze out time to write. He is noted to be the author of four popular books, namely:

  • Impossible to Easy
  • Mission: Cook
  • Fit Fuel, and;
  • Family Table.

The first two cookbooks simplify sophisticated, gourmet dishes in such a way that even the home chef can easily carry through and execute. The third book, Fit Fuel, draws on Robert’s status as a fitness guru authority, as he was once named one of the 25 Fittest Guys in America by Men’s Fitness magazine.

Image of Robert Irvine third book named Fit Fuel
Caption: Robert Irvine third book named Fit Fuel

He kept a monthly recipe column in Muscle & Fitness magazine for five years and currently has a video recipe series running on the website @ Fit Fuel is a healthy living manual that combines both whole-food recipes with motivation and workout advice—quite a remarkable book. Robert’s fourth book is summarily aimed at family dinner.

In May 2016, he launched Robert Irvine Magazine (, which is a free digital magazine focusing on healthy recipes, fitness advice, and motivation for success in all areas of life.

The magazine does keep a strong focus on Robert’s appearance schedule, especially with the USO and other military functions, as well as an interview on a wide range of celebrities to talk about success, food, and fitness.

Past interviews have included a wide range of athletes, military personnel, and actors, including Joe Manganiello, Gary Sinise, and even Gary Player.

Robert Donates Millions Through His Foundation.

The Robert Irvine Foundation is a non-profit organization created to give back to society and aid military personnel (both active, retired, and veterans). It also seeks to assist first responders through resiliency and health and wellness programs, coupled with financial support.

Again, it supports individuals and organizations, giving adequate and much-needed support to homeless veterans. This support includes kitchen renovations, provision of dining facilities and relief grants to assist those in need through tough times, as well as providing mobility devices for injured veterans, and many more benefits. The foundation also works towards creating awareness throughout several communities about sacrifices made by military personnel, first responders, and their families. And this, in turn, inspires the communities to appreciate and support one another, and the heroes.

In 2020, with the spread of COVID-19, The Robert Irvine Foundation provided support to many military service members and the rest with support on their home front. With the initiative, workers and retired veterans are covered.

Image of Robert Irvine foundation donated over 52,700 protein snacks to hospitals, military
Caption: Robert Irvine foundation donated over 52,700 protein snacks to hospitals, military

Also, the foundation has organized fundraising drives to help men and women serving in the United States and also help their families sustain peace of mind at home while they are on the front lines. ‘The Emergency D-Stress Fund’ is the fundraising initiative that seeks to reduce the stresses of quarantine, loss of employment, and other inevitable economic hardships.

Chef Robert Irvine’s Net Worth is $15 Million.

Here we are! Robert Irvine is a great British celebrity chef who has amassed a net worth amounting to $15 million. Robert Irvine is noted to be probably most famous for appearing as a chef on a variety of Food Network programs, including Dinner: Impossible, Worst Cooks in America, and Restaurant: Impossible.

He started his career (cooking) at the age of 15, after having enlisted in the Royal Navy. After completing his culinary training, Irvine served aboard Her Majesty’s Royal Yacht Britannia.

He has also dexterously employed his skills at the Naval Mess, which located in the West Wing of the White House in Washington, D.C. Robert has been an executive Chef on several cruise ships, as well as the executive chef for Donald Trump’s Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort and Caesars Atlantic City as well.

Image of British Celebrity chef, Robert Irvine net worth
Caption: British Celebrity chef, Robert Irvine net worth

He is currently the founder, owner, and president of Irvine Tyme, LLC. He has written quite a number of books as well as introduced an Irvine-branded line of spices, oils, and vinegar. Robert has several professional honors and achievements accredited to his name, and all these have culminated in his net worth amounting to $15 million.

Chef Robert Irvine is Married to Famous Wrestler Gail Kim.

Robert Irvine is married to a famous wrestler, Gail Kim! She is notably one of the most popular female professional wrestlers of all time.

For the records, she is a six-time Knockouts Champion for Impact Wrestling, as was Women’s Champion while working for the WWE. She was the first female inductee into the Impact Hall of Fame as well.

Image of Robert Irvine with his wife Gail Kim
Caption: Robert Irvine with his wife, Gail Kim

Kim met her husband, Robert Irvine while taping Dinner: Impossible. While Robert was catering to the VIP lounge for WWE’s Summer-Slam, Gail Kim caught his eye. After a three-year courtship, the duo got married in 2012, during May.

Their Greek honeymoon scrapbook remains one of the most popular slideshows on the Food Network website. And that makes so much sense once you flip through the shots yourself – they look just perfect together!

It will interest you to know that even as an athlete in peak physical condition, Kim knows quite a substantial much about food as both a foodie and a cook. Quite an awesome couple, don’t you think?

Chef Robert Irvine is Not Gay.

Robert’s marriage hasn’t deterred many people from having doubts about his sexuality. People do enjoy sharing rumors about the sexuality and sexual orientation of other people, especially celebrities. Well, we don’t know for sure if Robert Irvine is gay, bisexual, or straight.

No concrete information on that. Nevertheless, on Vipfaq website, via a voting platform, 50% of voters think Robert is indeed gay (a homosexual). 33% voted for straight (heterosexual), and 17% would love to believe that Robert is bisexual. Regardless of all these, we do know that he’s married with kids. And that should count for something.

He has Two Daughters from Previous Marriage with Karen.

It is quite essential, first of all, to know that Robert has been married twice. His first wife’s name is Karen, and they had two daughters together. Their names are Annalise and Talia. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t quite work out, so they got divorced.

Robert, however, found love again, and he married Gail Kim, his second and current wife, and the two have been together since the 11th of May of 2012. There are no records that they have kids between them until now.

Image of Robert Irvine with daughters Annalise Irvine and Talia Irvine at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.
Caption: Robert Irvine with daughters Annalise Irvine and Talia Irvine at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

Alaskan Bush People Cast; Net Worth, Death: 11 Facts You Should Know.

Alaskan Bush People is among reality show documented in Alaska, the last frontier. If you love reality shows, I bet you are always on Discovery Channel Fridays watching this show since the day it was premiered in 2014.

Alaskan Bush people are a family reality documentary show depicting Brown’s family. Brown has a large family comprised of 9 members, his wife Ami, and seven children. The family has a history of living in various places in America, trying to make ends meet.

The show since when it was aired on Discovery Channel documented nine seasons until now. It has received both positive and negative criticism since then, and many questions were coming up, such as if it’s real or fake, how much the cast earns from the show, what their net worth and more. We have researched about the casts of the show as well as other crucial answers you wish to know. Read on to find out!

About the show.

The Alaskan Bush People show it is a reality television documentary featuring a story about Brown’s family, i.e., his wife and their two daughters Birdy and Rain and five sons Matt, Bam, Bear, Gabe, and Noah Brown.

The father and mother have criminal records where Brown was charged out of stealing a horse in 1980 while their mother Ami was charged for welfare fraud.

In the show, the family is documented at a point where they started living out in the Alaska wilderness after their house or home was burnt down by the authorities as they were living in public land.

As they have no home, they have to live the place, and they started traveling around Alaska while building temporary shelters.

Even though each day struggles, the family is featured showing unity and strength, hoping for a better tomorrow. It is such a motivation to all struggling families.

Image of Alaskan Bush People 2020 
Caption: Alaskan Bush People 2020

The brown family travels to remote areas of Alaska where there is no civilization leading to them to develop unique English dialect. They are depicted to be living in poor conditions, and they have to barter to survive the harsh environment. It led to even their fans try to donate some cash to help them make a living.

The whole show, season after season, features the family journey in the bush, the dangers they encounter, and how they handle them.

As the show went on to attract more fans, Brown’s family started their Browntown community. The aim of establishing it was to offer services to anyone who likes to help them in any way improve their life.

At some point, Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer, and they had to leave Alaska to southern California for her to get proper medical care. She recovered, and her health is well good news cancer-free today.

Brown Family is Alaskan Bush People Cast.

Their people wonder if the casts of Alaskan Bush People are one family. Yes, they are all one big family, even the latest two daughters introduced in the show. T

he cast of Alaskan Bush People is one family which includes Billy Brown; his wife Ami; their sons Matt, Joshua “Bam Bam,” Bear, Noah and Gabe; and their daughters Snowbird and Rain. Matt Brown, who is the eldest son, though, has not appeared in the show since season 8.

Every episode of the show revolves around the family casts going out of the way portraying how poor the Brown Family is picking up odd jobs along with bartering for supplies just to survive in the Alaskan Bush.

The show Alaskan People Bush was born after Billy Brown wrote a book in 200b One Wave at a Time, which was more of autobiography. In his book, he told a story where he wished to raise his large family in the Alaskan Bush.

The wish came true after he was offered a deal with Discovery Channel to do a reality show depicting how life in Alaska bushes. All the casts in the show are family as he wished in his book.

Parents in Alaskan Bush People Cast.

Billy Brown and Ami Brown are the parents of the casts Alaskan Bush People except for the two daughters who are introduced in the latest show. The two daughters are out of Billy’s brown earlier marriage with Brenda before he married Ami.

The two fell in love at first sight, in line with Billy’s novel “autobiography “One Wave at a Time.  From the memoir, he described her as a lovely young woman he met when they were both in Texas.  Billy and Ami met, got married in 1979, and settled in Fort Worth at first.

But according to their story, they felt unsatisfied with 9-5 plumber jobs Billy was securing, so they had to relocate to a place with better opportunities. By 1983, when they were stranded on at Alaska for 18 months, they were forced to quickly learn how to survive in the wild.

Ami Bryan Brown was born on 28 August 1963 in Texas and grew up in her hometown with her elder brother Les Branson. Information about her childhood and upbringing is not much to explore.  Ami was lived in an oppressive family, and this justifies why she got married at an early age.  Ami left her house while still a teenage and married at age 15.

Billy Brown is an outdoor expert, Patriarch of the family, and author. His passion for the forest and everything that exists in it runs deep inside him. While an avid hunter, he also enjoys spending time with wildlife. In the forest, he has a natural ease, which even the animals seem to sense.

Billy, most of the time, is on the lookout for a new remote high mountain lake or creek. When his family is not in the wilderness or forest, then they are on the ocean. Billy spent years in the northern Pacific as a commercial fisherman, and today he uses his experience as the skipper on family boat trips.

Billy grew up in Texas and endured a difficult life as a young man, from his family’s tragic loss in a plane crash. He soon met Ami, and they decided together to raise their family in the Alaska bush. Billy’s sense of adventure keeps him going, but he’ll still have his home close to Alaskan Bush and his family.

Five Sons of Brown Family in Alaskan Bush People Cast.

Brown and Ami were blessed with five sons, and they are casts of the Alaskan Bush people show. Here full list entailing their net worth.

Image of Ami and Billy Brown with their kids
Caption: Ami and Billy Brown with their kids

Gabe Brown.

Gabe Brown is the fourth born son in the family. He is featured in the show as a hard-working fellow who is honest and wears a smile on his face every time. He is an exceptional painter, creating realistic images of animals and the world around him.

Image of Gabe brown
Caption: Gabe brown

He also has fluency in sign language for stars. Alaskan Bush People Cast Gabe’s net worth is valued at about $150,000 largely accrued from his involvement in the TV series.

Bam Bam.

Joshua is Brown’s second oldest child. He’s one of the show’s most famous siblings largely because of his personality.

He likes to read, hunt, and fish, and he has an interest in electronics. Like his other siblings, “Bam Bam,” as he is often called, is very lonely, and prefers to do stuff on his own.

Image of Joshua Brown (Bam Bam)
Caption: Joshua Brown (Bam Bam)

These qualities make him lovable among show fans. Alaskan Bush People Cast Joshua Brown’s estimated net worth is predominantly about $300,000 from the show and a nice annual salary. He found love with one of the show’s producers named Allison and quit the show as a result, and he lives with his girlfriend in the city.

Bear Brown.

Bear Brown is the family’s 3rd son. He is most famous because his approach to life is revolutionary. It is fair to conclude that Bear has a special understanding of life.

Image of Bear Brown
Caption: Bear Brown

If he’s not playing, he’s an arctic snow machine, he’s a family hunting game, and stuff like girlfriend or relationship problems make his net worth more respectable than his siblings’ rest. Bear Brown’s net worth is estimated at $160,000.

Alaskan Bush People Cast Matt Brown.

Matt Brown is the Brown Family’s eldest son, known mainly for his verbal behavior and controversy. Matt Brown used to have a girlfriend she’s had two kids with.

Image of Matt Brown
Caption: Matt Brown

He is actually in no relationship. Matt Brown has a net worth of $100,000 accrued mostly from his television show acting job and an outstanding annual salary.

Noah Brown.

The youngest son in the Brown family is Noah Darkcloud Gray. He is more of a fantasist and the family builder, as he likes to tweak machines and see the mechanisms underneath. He is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend. Noah has an approximate net worth of $90,000 and is receiving a $65,000 annual salary from the show.


Snowbird Brown.

Snowbird Brown is the Brown family’s first daughter. Snowbird Brown is an ardent outdoor lover, who spends much of her time outdoors. Snowbird enjoys fishing, as seen in the film and mountain climbing.

Image of Snowbird Brown
Caption: Snowbird Brown

She is also a pet enthusiast with a variety of pets, including Cats, Pigs, Frogs, and Red-eared slider tortoises. The 24-year-old has an estimated $100,000 net worth that is accrued from the show’s proceeds. She is receiving a $60,000 annual salary.

Rain Brown.

The youngest in the Brown family is Rain Brown, and her real name is Merry Christmas, Katherine Raindrop Brown. Rainy behaves like a girl in the television show who’s interested in fashion. Browns Rain’s youngest is always seen listening to the album.

She is famous because of her hairstyle, which has been used by most people as a source of speculation regarding her sexuality. Because of this, she got a lot of media attention and pressure to overcome her sexuality.

Image of Rain Brown
Caption: Rain Brown

She is estimated to get a salary ranging from $8000 to $15,000 per episode. She is a brave little angel because she has survived the sub-zero temperatures and the harsh climatic conditions.

Alaskan Bush People Net Worth

A glance at the Net worth of the Brown family can leave you wondering if they live in woods. The idea that they purchased over 400 acres of land in Washington during their previous season for a whopping $415,000 could leave you questioning how much Discovery Channel is paying the family.

The family also accused of lying to the Government to receive $27,000, to which they happily paid back with additional $22,000 penalties. The house of the Alaskan Bush People in Washington cost them plenty of wealth.

Image of Alaskan Bush People cast net worth
Caption: Alaskan Bush People cast net worth

Stated in Touch Weekly reports, the net worth of the Alaskan Bush people is around $60 million. Of course, their earnings are entirely from the Discovery Channel.

The source of income for the Alaskan Bush People Other than acting, the family is reportedly engaged in the following commercial activities:

  • Hauling.

In the Reality Show season three, we see Brown’s boys on a hauling trip to earn some cash. They would hold everything one had to travel using a boat. The last episode titled “Never Give Up” shows the boys completed their first hauling task. Why will they be doing this with the money they get from acting? Ok, that’s one mystery.

  • Odd jobs.

Billy has even taken on several idiosyncratic activities to provide for his kin. It’s said he’d worked as a plumber before he married Ami. They’ve also depicted their boys taking some odd jobs for money.

  • Donations.

The family is portrayed as one who is suffering economically. Lots of kindhearted people over the years have been writing checks for them. More so, they formed a community for anybody to reach and offer his or her donation.

Is Alaskan Bush People Fake or Real?.

Discovery Channel presents Alaskan Bush people as an unscripted reality TV show. During its 11 seasons, however, the show has come under criticism for being “fake” or “scripted.” In 2015, Billy and Bam Brown accepted they were guilty of fraud for giving false information on applications to the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.

To be eligible for the Alaskan Bush fund of the Government, you must be a year-round resident of Alaska. An annual stipend is given to these people, which is funded by oil money. Why, then, did Browns pled guilty?

If you spend more than 180 days off the state, you are not eligible for this payout. Since the Browns plead guilty, many have interpreted that in Alaskan Bush, as the Browns do not hold legitimate, full-time residency.

Although living in the outskirts of Hoonah, Alaska, the series highly depicted the home of the Brown family as deep off-the-grid locations. Reports had emerged, however, that the Browns were not far from town at all — that they might have only stayed half a mile away from other homes and even a pizzeria, and that the Wolfpack was known locally to stay at the Icy Strait Lodge when the family was not filming.

Further controversy arose when Noah allegedly met a woman in California, and she appeared to go on a date on Season 5 of the show. An IMDB page identifying her as an actress after her appearance — his name is Karryna Kauffman — sparked outrage among viewers who believed that Discovery had hired Kauffman to appear on the show.

Since then, Kauffman has appeared in shorts such as The Song of Birds & Bees, Love in Flannel’s Period, and has appeared as an extra in 16-Love.

Another reason people say the show is fake is because of Billy’s novel, One Wave at a Time, which Alaska’s family left to support and seek and market as a TV series.

Interestingly, because many family members have social media pages — on which they share other information that is not specifically related to living a secluded life in the woods — viewers have called the series out for scripting. So, what do you think? Is Alaskan Bush People Real? Leave us a comment.

Alaskan Bush People’s Age and Real name, Net Worth Table

Show name Real name Age Net worth
Billy Brown Billy Bryan Brown 68 $5 million
Ami Brown Amora Larene Branson Brown 57 $ 1 million
Matt Brown Matthew William Brown 38 $100,000
Bam Bam Brown Joshua Bam Bam Brown 36 $300, 000
Bear Brown Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown 33 $160, 000
Gabe Brown Gabriel Starbuck Brown 31 $150, 000
Noah Brown Noah Darkcloud Brown 28 $65, 000
Birdy Brown Amora Jean Snowbird Brown 26 $60, 000
Rainy Brown Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown 18  

Alaskan Bush People Death.

In April 2017, Ami Brown had been diagnosed with non-small-cell lung cancer in stage III. It was initially recognized as cancer of the third stage and progressed to the fourth. Ami revealed that she had a three percent chance of survival. She lost her weight at one stage, from 128 pounds to 89 pounds.

At the UCLA medical center, Ami underwent two doses of chemo. With the second chemo, she had a positive response cleaning out the masses with her lung. Ami completed a four-month course of radiation chemotherapy, among other therapies, which was a success. Ami is expected to be cancer-free by 2020 after cancer has gone into remission.


Alaskan Bush People Net Worth is $60 Million in Total.

Including all the wealth of brown family combined they have huge money in the bank. It is estimated that the Alaskan Bush People have a net worth of $60 million.

Alaskan Bush People Makes Average $40,000 Per Episode.

The Alaskan Bush people Casts are estimated to be earning anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 per episode, according to Good Housekeeping, but that’s not all. Billy is reported he earns around $500,000 for the show. The kids are thought to be paid about $40,000 to $60,000 each.

Alaskan Bush People is on Discovery Channel.

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel

Here is why Alaskan Bush People Leave Alaska.

Perhaps you’ve noticed something unusual from the show’s season 8. People in Alaskan Bush do not live anymore where they used to live. The family moved to Washington and California after Ami was diagnosed with cancer so that she could quickly seek care in the best hospitals in the US. Ami is cancer-free now, and the reality stars have agreed to move to a new home in the Pacific Northwest.

Alaskan Bush People Location: It is Filmed in Hoonah Alaska.

Alaskan Bush People show is filmed on location near Hoonah, Alaska and Chichagof Island, with later seasons filmed on location in Okanogan County, Washington, it follows the extended Brown family’s life

Where do the Alaskan Bush People Live now in Washington?

Billy, Ami, and their family now live in a 400-acre homestead in Tonasket, Washington.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Their Net Worth, Salary. 2020 Update.

Bering Sea gold is a series of television shows that was first aired on Discovery Channel on January 27, 2012. The reality television show, hosted by Mike Rowe, depicts gold mining operations by different fleets of vessels and the numerous difficulties faced during the two gold mining seasons, the summer dredging season, and the spring dredging seasons.

Daunting issues include getting a proper view underwater, diver health, and damage to mining equipment due to choppy seas and inadequate fuel and personnel problems.

Difficult issues include having a clear view of underwater, diver health, and damage to mining equipment due to choppy seas and inadequate fuel and personnel problems.

The crew members show include; Shawn Promenke, Emily Riedel, Mike Rowe, Zeke Tenhoff, Kris Kelly, Brad Kelly, Vernon Adkison, Ken Kerr, George Young, and Dave Young.

On TV since 2012.

Bering Sea Gold is a reality TV show that airs on Discovery Channel in Nome, Alaska, at Norton Sound. It is from Deadliest Grab reality TV show makers. It received the 3rd highest ratings for a cable telecast Friday.

The series is split into summer dredging under the title Bering Sea Gold and the season of spring dredging under the title Bering Sea Gold: Under The Ice. For the first three seasons, this distinction kept the title card modified to “Bering Sea Gold” in the 2015 4th season of the spring ice dredging season, making the theme the same as the original summer dredging season series. This started 5th season in 2016.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast net worth

The show features boats fitted with varying setups to accomplish summertime gold mining, cold northern latitude, shallow water, ocean surrounding. The fleet usually consists of a sluicing unit, a means of gathering paydirt (dredge), and a network of life support for cold-water diving.

Choppy seas, low underwater visibility, erratic fuel delivery, personnel issues, mining location rights, sufficient paydirt discovery, diver health, and ocean-damaging equipment failures include dispute issues. Every episodic season follows the current dredge fleet.

In the summer dredging season, the show was initially named “Bering Sea Gold” and aired in the spring, then changed to “Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice” during the spring dredging season and broadcast in the fall. Finally, the title of the show was permanently changed to “Bering Sea Gold.”

Bering Sea Gold 2020 Premiere Date.

It was revealed on March 11, 2020, that the fourteenth season will debut on Discovery Channel on Wednesday, April 1, at 9 pm ET / PT. According to The Futon Critic, it is a website that offers news and information on broadcast and cable networks in the United States about prime time programming.

Is Bering Sea Gold Fake or real?

Dredging the sea may not be the world’s deadliest work, but that hasn’t stopped Bering Sea Gold producers from making sure their audiences are drawn in by drama and strife. Although we were waiting for a new show series to make its way to our screens, few things made people disappointed with their fans.

  • Californians were not happy about the show.

Bering Sea Gold is taking place in Alaska, so you may be shocked to hear that when the show began, Californians were not very pleased. That’s because dredge mining is not a massively popular activity in the U.S. Actually, it’s quite contentious.

Just because of that, several states have banned completely any form of dredge mining in their waters, and that’s what California was doing. As the show became successful, however, ever more people challenged this ruling and stood up against the state to restore the activity.

  • The show misled viewers.

If you’re a serious fan of the show, you’re likely to recall the famous The Edge diver-a man named John. John, unfortunately, took his own life just one year after the series, and viewers around the globe were shocked. Although this news had angered viewers, they were unhappy with the series itself.

As they built promotional material for the upcoming season, the show’s producers suggested that his passage was taking place while he was working – and many people believed this was incredibly insensitive.

  • Dramatized Baby Mama Drama.

Besides financial distress, gold mining is a profession of reasonably low stakes, at least in terms of personal protection and danger. While this doesn’t mean this Bering Sea Gold is uninteresting or without a lot of compelling human drama, the producers often seem to turn a relatively minor occurrence into potential gold ratings no pun intended.

Although women suffering through childbirth are nothing to take lightly, presenting the problematic delivery of Brad Kelly’s baby as a direr situation was misleading to the show than it was.

Around the time promotions were airing for that season, viewers had already noticed via social media that Brad’s baby was safe, and his mother was doing well. It seemed dishonest to watch the show’s ads that gave the impression that mom and baby could not pull through it.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Shawn Pomrenke.

Shawn is a prominent cast in the show well recognized as “Mr. Gold.” He is featured in the show with his son carrying out gold mining activities. Shawn is an experienced gold miner, the skills he learned while young through his father, who was a mined gold for an extended period along with him.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Shawn Pomrenke net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Shawn Pomrenke net worth

Since when Shawn joined his father in gold mining, he never looked back. He went ahead to establish the Christine Rose, a high-line dredge one of the largest dredge in Alaska, along with his father.

Unlike other kinds of mining gold activities, they do mine gold on the sea bed. His father introduced him to the family business, and since then, they have continued to mine more gold raiding their net worth.

Shawn was transformed in 2011 when he was approached to take part in the new reality show Bering the sea Gold. The producers of the show were equal to the ones produced another similar famous show, “Deadliest Catch.” Bering Sea Gold was to document their daily mining activities in the sea as they try to get the gold under the sea bed.

The show documented the Shawn team as well as other gold diggers detailing the harsh conditions they undergo while hunting for gold in the sea. Shawn and his team were successful and thus made him gain fame.

Eventually, the show’s success helped to raise Pomrenke’s wealth immensely and is likely to increase further as he is still part of the series that is now in its tenth season.

Gold mining and his roles in the show immensely raised Shawn’s net worth and likely to increase more as he is still part of the show and will take part in season 10.  Right now,  Bering Sea Gold Cast Shawn has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He makes around $500,000 per annum and earns about $200,000 out of any gold mining per season.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Emily Riedel.

If you have watched the Bering Sea Gold show, you have so far noticed there is only one female cast. She is Emily Riedel, a gold digger but also an opera singer.

Emily was born on July 4, 1988, and she is 32 years old 2020. She loved singing, which led her to the University of Carolina Scholl of Arts to study music more so the train on vocals.

Later she was unable to propel in the world of music as she was unable to fund her talent. However, her friend Zeke Tenhoff had something better for her, introduction to gold-mining under the sea.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Emily Riedel net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Emily Riedel net worth

It was her chance to venture into the new field and opportunity to star in the show Bering Sea Gold. She is energetic in the show sending message women too can mine gold under the sea bed.

Emily was in a love relationship with Zeke Tenhoff, but their relationship didn’t end into marriage. She has no children, and more so, she is single. Bering Sea Gold Cast Emily Ridel’s Net Worth is $1 Million.

Kris Kris Kelly.

Kris Kelly is an experienced gold miner after being introduced to the field by his brother Andy Kelly. He worked with him for years, which made him gain experience and expertise.

Later his father, Brad Kelly, took him to Nome, Alaska, the United States of America with the sole purpose of quickly making him wealthy. He steered towards that aim by playing a part in the reality television series of the Discovery Channel, Bering Sea Gold.

His father, Brad Kelly, later called him to Nome, Alaska, with a purpose to introduce him in gold mining at Nome and get him wealthier. Kris was depicted in the show taking part in the sea gold mining, demonstrating his expertise to the show fans.

For some reason that threatens his gold mining operations, Bering Sea Gold Kris Kelly has yet to achieve the goal of getting rich and accumulating a considerable net worth, despite securing a place in the show, five years in.

Kris has appeared on the show for five years, but he is yet to gain the welt he came to pursue in Nome. There several hindrances for him to achieve his gold, mainly his gold mining operations not successful all the time.

Some of the hindrances to him achieving his goal include using sub-standard machinery to mine the gold; he is emotional, which melt him down. Also, the crew he works with have they have proven time and time they will not assist him in achieving his goal, but they always pose more hindrances.

Sometime back, the big fan following the series took the Kelly family to their online forums and social media platforms to speak out their issues. Kris Kelly is renowned for being creative and hardworking by his fans.

Kris somehow manages to pull through, given the challenging working conditions on the dredger. His laborious disposition and optimistic outlook won him the love and respect of his fans and critics in general.

Since the crew member who posed hindrances on Kris is made up of his father and his brother, his fans were not happy. They took the online discussion forums speaking out the issue, and they were criticizing his family members.

His fans know Kris as an ambitious and hardworking. Despite the hindrances, he still manages to make through while working with the crew. Kris is depicted in the show as someone industrious and positive attitude, and these qualities have earned him admiration, respect, and fame from the show fans.

In season 9, Kris is featured trying to reunite with family, where he is trying to convince his mother to come to Nome. For the last 30 years, his parents have been feuding, and his decision to try reuniting them was one step mistake threatening to sabotage the dredging activity. As a result, his mother was forced to relocate to Hawaii.

Kris has been depicted in the show since 2004 stand over the years; he earned wealth. Bering Sea Gold Cast Kris Kelly’s estimated net worth stands around $200 000. So far, he has no succeeded in gold mining; hence his primary source of wealth is from the shoe Bering Sea Gold.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Zeke Tenhoff.

Zeke Tenhoff is a famous reality show star since when he appeared on the Bering Sea Gold show. Zeke was born in 1987 in Alaska, and he is 33 years 2020. He is among the daring casts of the show with his ability to dive in the deep to the sea bed to hunt for gold.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Zeke Tenhoff net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Zeke Tenhoff net worth

Zeke has been featured in the show as hardworking and with expertise above all determined to get gold from the sea bed. He captured the attention of several fans since when he was approached by the Bering Sea Gold production team and joined the show.

After he broke up with his girlfriend Emily Riedel, he has not dated anyone as of now; he is single. Bering Sea Gold Cast Zeke Tenhoff has accumulated a net worth of $125,000 over the years as a gold digger and television star.

Steve Pomrenke.

Steve Pomrenke is an experienced gold miner and the founder, as well as the owner of The Christine Rose dredge. He is father to Shawn Pomrenke, and they are featured together in the show.

Steve was brought up in a dairy farm in Minnesota according to sources and worked as a mechanic work, which earned enough money to transform his dreams into reality.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Steve Pomrenke net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Steve Pomrenke net worth

Steve opened a gold mine in his first pit; the operation was successful. His family left him, though, and he did a last-ditch at inland mining with his friend. According to the market today, Steve and his son were able to acquire two thousand ounces of gold worth over $2 million.

Steve broke up with his wife, and he left him with their son. After he opened his first pit gold mine, it was successful and, together with his son, were able to mine gold worth $2 million in regards to today’s gold market value.

Steve as accumulated wealth from his venture into gold mining and his roles in the show, and today Bering Sea Gold Cast StevePomreneke net worth is over $5 million. He earns a salary of $500, 000 from the show.

Vernon Adkinson.

Vernon Adkinson left the show after season 5 due to that he doesn’t like being filmed or being in front of cameras as he mines gold from the sea. However, there is something to smile about those who loved him being in the show or those who missed him being in the show. Sources have confirmed Vernon will be featured again in the show.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Vernon Adkinson net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Vernon Adkinson net worth

While in the show, Vernon was experienced gold miner and rivalry of Shawn Pomrenke. He is Wild Ranger captain. He earned $125, 000 in season 1 of the show and $140, 000 in season 2. However, he is a successful gold miner, and Vernon Adkinson’s net worth is estimated at around $1.5 million.

Brad Kelly.

Brand Kelly is among the casts of the Bering Sea Gold show, the show he joined in season 2 way back in 2012. He is the father to Kris Kelly and Andy Kelly. Brad is depicted in the show as a diver who is determined to hunt gold from the sea. He was married to Wendy but broke up. Wendy was featured in last season.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Brad Kelly net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Brad Kelly net worth

Brad has permitted his sons to take over the position of captain, and we are waiting to see if his sons will lead the crew to more gold or not. Brad has been a successful gold miner, and Brad Kelly’s net worth is estimated at around $2.2 million.

Andy Kelly.

Andy Kelly was first time featured in the show season 3. He is the brother to Kris Kelly and Brad Kelly’s youngest son. He is depicted as the best diver in the show and enthusiastic gold miner in the sea.

Despite his outstanding expertise in diving, he is not successful has his father, Brad Kelly. Bering Sea Gold Cast Andy is engaged with Courtney, and they were blessed with a baby in 2015.

Andy is featured when not mining gold as a coffee lover, smoker and takes much of his time on his mobile phone. Andy is a person with a short temper. If he were able to control his temper, then he would make more money from mining. Andy Kelly’s Net Worth is $200,000.

Cody Moen.        

Cody Moen is a professional engineer; however, he loved mining gold, which led him into the show Bering Sea Gold and becoming part of the show casts. Cody Moen is 30 years today, and his details are not public.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Cody Moen net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Cody Moen net worth

Steve Riedel.

Steve Riedel was depicted in the show as someone with expertise and experience.  He has worked with different companies hence gaining the experience. Steve Riedel is the father of Emily Riedel, the only lady in the show

Bering Sea Gold Cast Steve Reidel, along with his skill, is filled with experience and was featured at the starting of the season, but he was pulled out of the dredge.

Steve went to The Clark, which is owned by Zeke Tenhoff. However, Steve couldn’t as e wasn’t assured the safety of dredging from the sea, and he believed Zeke dredge was having some trouble.

In Season 3, Steve is depicted having constructed the Minnow, and he was the captain. However, Brad Kelly later took over his Minnow and was driven as Reaper.

He had tasted the struggles few pointing to his work as a bon vivant who thinks from the aspiring stories. Steve doesn’t have management skills; thus, he should be away from the dredge.

He spends most of his time at the sea bed of the ocean. Bering Sea Gold fans, as of now, know that he is interested in good times.

Scott Meisterheim.

Scott Meisterheim was a home builder, and at some point in his life, he has worked in the Alaskan oil fields before joining the show. He gained fame after appearing in the Bering Sea gold reality show.

Scott has been featured in over three seasons of the show while taking part in mining gold from the sea bed.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Scott Meisterheim net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Scott Meisterheim net worth

Throughout the show, Scott was depicted confronting other cast members as well as the cameraman. During the documentation of the first season reunion episode, he became more popular following the fistfight he was engaged in with a member of the show Vern Adkison.

The producers of the show were not happy with his behaviors and to let him go. The decision was reached following several casts of the show complaining about his temper and actions. Scott was even violet to the camera crew, and he fought them during the filming of the show. His behavior saw Scott out of the Bering Sea Gold in season 3.

Bering Sea Gold Cast: George Young.

George Young gained fame after he starred in Bering Sea Gold. He was born on February 29, 1980, In England.  He is an athlete, a sailor, a sport shooter, a skier, and an adventurer with passion. George young is depicted in the show as a professional diver experienced in staying underwater for hours.

George is married to Janet Hsieh since 2015, and they have a son. He an adventurous person, and his quest to explore the world landed him into venturing to gold mining two years ago.

In the show, he would dive at the bottom of the sea to hunt gold. He earned fame from his role in the role and money, which raised his net worth significantly. We are informed he receives one hundred thousand dollars 100, 00 from the show.

Dave Young.

Dave Young is George Young’s Elder Brother. He came with his brother Scott to Nome, Alaska, who passed away while dredging the gold from the sea.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Dave Young net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Dave Young net worth

Dave founded Arctic Sea Mining and now is one of the gold getters with the most money. He introduced his young brother in the venture and currently working together to pull more gold out of the sea and earn a substantial amount of cash, which increased their net worth.

Eliane Adkinson.

Yvonne Adkison is the daughter of Vernon Adkison, a gold miner. She is 28, which means she was born back in 1992. Yvonne has taken to life at sea just like her father, where she worked on the boat with her father daily. She late joined other crew members to mine gold from the sea.

Fans will recall her on Bering Sea Gold’s fourth season, for making a few appearances. Although her father was not as famous, she still left a notable impression on the show. The life of Yvonne Adkison wasn’t short of controversy, though.

Only 22 years old, Yvonne Adkison faced imprisonment after it emerged that she was engaged in a scheme related to the drugs. She was a sentence of two years in jail.

She completed the jail term and now trying to get her life in order. It is a matter of time we get to know if she will be again featured in the show.

Yvonne Adkinson.

Vernon Adkison is a gold miner who has endured up and downs in the gold mining venture. He has been depicted in the show as a determined person to hunt more gold from the sea, which saw him bring more dredges to satisfy his quest.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Yvonne Adkinson net worth
Caption: Bering Sea Gold cast Yvonne Adkinson net worth

Vernon was born and raised in America; he has always been determined to hunt for gold in the sea all his life. Vernon was the captain of the Vessel VLCC for more than 20 years prior to entering into his new quest to hunt for gold in the sea.

His quest saw him travel from Valdez, Alaska, and then Central Alaska. He was able to finally buy his first dredge hence start mining gold from the sea. After mining for some time, he was able to buy more dredges and was able to extract more gold.

Besides mining and his role in the show, Vernon serves as a sea-captain. According to sources, his salary is reportedly at $500 K per year. As such, the net worth of Vernon Adkison currently stands at $2 million.

Bering Sea Gold Cast: Ken Ker.

Ken Ker is among the casts of the Bering Sea Gold show and his depicted in the show with his giant 600-ton dredging machine. Ken’s personal life has not been revealed to the public. As such, we don’t know whether Ken is married or he has even married, nor do we know he has children.

Ken gained fame season 10 of the show, where he is featured as the owner of a gigantic gold dredge. Earlier, he used to spend days and nights in Nome trying to locate gold in the sea.

He is an experienced gold miner, having spent eight years in the venture. Ken Ker is new cast to the show his earning from the show are yet to be public. He has been in mining gold before however is net worth remains uncalculated.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Death, Net Worth, Salary: 2020 Update.

If you love reality, then you have watched “Alaska: The Last Frontier” show, which was aired on Discovery Channel as of December 2011.

The show features the harsh life of living in the landscapes of Alaska. It a very harsh environment to endure, especially during winter, but this reality show has to give the opposite view about living in the areas of Alaska.

Since the show began, there are its fans who have been raising several questions like what happened to the casts after accidents, how much do they earn, is the show real and many more. Well, today will have those answers all in one place here.

Alaska: The Last Frontier On TV since 2011.

“Alaska: The Last Frontier” is a leading American reality show television series aired on the Discovery Channel. The cats of the show have so far given us 140 episodes since 29 November 2011 when it was first premiered. Currently, the show is in its 9th season.

The show features around the Kilcher Family who is believed to the offsprings of the immigrants from Swiss. Swiss immigrants are said to the first people to arrive in Alaska 80 years ago.

The show films the lifestyle of this Kilcher family led by Otto Kilcher and Atz Kilcher on how they are trying to survive on their farm, which is located miles from Homer.

The show also tries to give its fans how people from Alaska, the Kilcher family have not yet adopted the technology, and they are still in ancient times where they have to survive by getting out to hunt and farm.

The Kilcher family has a huge farm where through the show, they are featured going out daily to hunt, farm, and prepare for winter by gathering food from their farm.

The show has featured over 95 casts since 2011, and each actor is believed to be earning $7, 000 to $10, 000 per episode. It is thought to in the coming days; the cats will be paid more as the show has millions of fans.

“Alaska: The Last Frontier” cast: Otto Kilcher Death Rumors.

If you do follow up “Alaska: The Last Frontier” closes, you have come across Otto Kilcher’s death rumors. But his family came out to clear the rumors telling their fan Otto is still alive and healthy.

Otto Kilcher is in his 70s but yet energetic to give fans an enjoyable show than ever. But what pioneered the rumors? Well, Kilcher didn’t have an accident as many may think, but he faced health.

Image of Otto Kilcher is still alive and healthy
Caption: Otto Kilcher is still alive and healthy

In 2016 Otto had a medical condition where his blood was clotting hence threatening his life. The doctors who were treating him went ahead to warn him it will be worse in case the clotted blood loosened, and one way or another found way to the lungs, there are chances he will die within 24 hours. Luckily enough, that never happened.

He was hospitalized under his doctor’s care and recovered after days in constant pain. Today Otto Kilcher is a healthy man and on his feet ready to give a fantastic show.

Shane Kilcher Accident Flamed his Death Rumor.

Shane Kilcher is among “Alaska: The Last Frontier” Show, who was involved in a tragic accident threatening his dear life.  The accident took place while he was at his cabin working, and the ladder he was using fell, and he broke his back. It was sad news to his fans, and they went on to send quick recovery messages.

Image of Shane Kilcher near death accident
Caption: Shane Kilcher near death accident

Otto Kilcher suffered a Horizontal fracture from the accident where the fracture extended 1/3 to his vertebra. His wife Kelli gave their fans encouraging words that her husband is recovering well through the time he was hospitalized.

Through shows, official social media tried to update their fans on how Otto was doing during the recovery period.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Atz Kilcher Accident Nearly Took his Life.

You may have heard about Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Atz Fatal accident; it was a severe accident that saw Atz go head to Sue the resort. The Atz Kilcher accident occurred on 10th August when he went hiking along with his friend around Otter Cove Found in Kacheka Bay.

While hiking, Atz slipped off a cliff and fell. He sustained severe injuries such that he had to be evacuated immediately using a helicopter to the hospital.

After reaching the hospital, it was reported that he had suffered severe injuries leading to two of his lungs collapsing, his right hip bruised, left shoulder fractured, multiple rib fractures, two ankle fractures, and right scapular fracture.

Out of these injuries, Atz went ahead to sue the resort for not informing him of the dangers of walking on the cliff and claimed $100, 000 compensation for the damages.

Image of Atz Kilcher suffered severe injuries
Caption: Atz Kilcher suffered severe injuries

The resort, on the other hand, went on to claim that Atz knew the dangers of hiking on a cliff. More so, the resort claimed he assumed liability before the accident hence looked forward to fighting in court.

No One Has Died in Alaska: The Last Frontier Yet.

Since the show was premiered in 2011, there’re no deaths reported. The only two accidents reported involved Atz Kilcher and Shane Kilcher.

Due to where there show is produced it excepted there be several accidents but that so far hasn’t happened but there has been now and then minor accidents.

There are no reports regarding those accidents; maybe they were not serious. Various reports so far dictate all the “Alaska: The Last Frontier” casts are doing well despite the mishaps but not alarming.

Atz Lee Kilcher.

The 43 years old Atz Lee Kilcher, son of Atz Kilcher, is a top staring cast of “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” Following his 20 years traveling holding his guitar around America and getting back to his homestead (Alaska), he considers himself the “black sheep.” After his return, he went ahead to build a cabin himself, and he hasn’t left Alaska since then.

Image of Atz Lee Kilcher
Caption: Atz Lee Kilcher

In the show, Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Atz Lee has featured hunting, unlike his uncle Otto for his family. He is aware of the dangers as well as risks of living outcasts of Homer and the lifestyle they have adopted.

However, he has to go hunting to have enough food for the family before the winter season. More so, he comes to an understanding of the life they are living in Alaska wilderness is a compromise far better than the life he lived for 20 years while touring the country.

Atz Lee’s principal source of income is from the show and is estimated to have a net worth of over $3 million. He may also have earned from music, which was his passion for 20 years, but not anymore has he loves staying in Alaska now.

Following that, he comes from the Kilcher family he has inherited wealth and the little expenses he has as much.

Bonnie Dupree.

Bonnie Dupree is a steering lady in the show who her choices left fans with many questions following her decision to get out of the city and live in Alaska.

We all know Alaska weather is harsh, especially to those not born there. However, she proves everyone wrong has she adapts the Alaska environment easily and quickly.

Image of Bonnie Dupree
Caption: Bonnie Dupree

She is Atz Kilcher’s wife, who told had adapted life in Alaska may be out of love for adventure or due to family decision to live there. She left the city where there are modern houses to living in an unpredictable environment.

In the show, she demonstrates how to survive in Alaska through her engaging in growing vegetables and how to harvest them.

She appeared in the show since the day it was premiered on 29 December 2011 on Discovery Channel. Since then, she has continued to catch the fan’s attention following her natural roles in the show.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Bonnie’s wealth can be estimated along with her husband’s following; they are a couple, and it’s all about building family fortunes rather than the individual. Following, they are from the Kilcher family and the 613 acres of land and 2017 city acres they have much.

Hence our trusted sources relive that the couple earns over $800 000 annually, and their estimated net worth is over $7 million.

Charlotte Kilcher.

Charlotte Kilcher is not born in Alaska but came there to work way back in 1978 as a Biologist. It’s not easy to live in Alaska if you are not born there following a harsh environment.

Furthermore, it’s not easy to adapt to your lifestyle, especially if you come from the city. But Charlotte has demonstrated the argument is not true because, in the show, she has shown how easy it is to adapt and starting living in Alaska.

Image of Charlotte Kilcher
Caption: Charlotte Kilcher

She is depicted in the show performing various tasks such as gardening, beekeeping, raising chickens and ducks for eggs, and breading the cow.

She doesn’t like hunting following; she lived for 13 years as a vegetarian. However, due to the situation in Alaska, she is forced to eat meat for survival.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Charlotte Kilcher is estimated net worth stands at $1 million besides her husband’s income. She earns around $7, 000 to $10,000 per episode. Her salary is mainly from the show and the family farm.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Otto Kilcher.

Otto Kilcher was born and raised in Alaska and is a self-taught mechanic. While born in Kilcher family, his leading role while growing up was to herd cattle on his family farm.

Otto’s interests in mechanics lead to him collecting broken machinery then repair. Later his interests saw him become critical to the family where he could fix anything that breaks.

Otto Kilcher is featured in the show taking care of the cows on behalf of the family for meat purposes. He also collects what others consider junk and makes them use it.

Our trusted sources reveal Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Otto Kilcher’s net worth is over $5 million. His incomes range from other shows he has cast as well as “Alaska: The Last Frontier.”

Jane Kilcher.

Christine Jane Kilcher is married to Atz Lee Kilcher, and she is Alaskan Native, born and raised In Homer of Alaska, which is not far from Kilcher family homestead.

Image of Jane Kilcher with her husband Atz Lee Kilcher
Caption: Jane Kilcher with her husband Atz Lee Kilcher

Jane’s role in the show is mainly to fish for the family. She was before fishing for commercial purposes but opted to offer her skills to the family.

Jane’s net worth is estimated along with her husband because they are a family. Hence the family is estimated net worth is $2 million.

Most of their income is from the show, as well as the family inheritance, which is worth millions. Jane earns around $7, 000 to $10, 000 per episode.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Eivin and Eve Kilcher 

Eivin is among the featured characters in the show since when it started in 2011. He is from the Kilcher family and got married to Eve. Eivin is depicted in the show on how he uses his survival equipment’s hunting and fishing for his family.

Eivin believes people should work hard to get food at their table like old days rather than the 21st-century people who invest in business sit down and earn money.

Image of Evin and Eve Kilcher
Caption: Evin and Eve Kilcher

He also plays a role as a farmer in the show and with good hands. Through farming, he can provide food to his family throughout eight months of winter.  He also goes out hunting moose or deer to provide meat to the family.

He is married to wife Eve Kilcher. Our sources reveal Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Eivin and eve Kilcher’s net worth is over $2 million. Their income is mostly from the show, as well as the family inheritance.

Jewel Kilcher

Jewel Kilcher is a famous name in the world of music, acting, poetry, production, and writing. She has established her name across the entertainment industry and received several awards as well as nominations due to her outstanding performance.

Image of Jewel Kilcher
Caption: Jewel Kilcher

In “Alaska: The Last Frontier” show, she is featured returning home Alaska for the first time in seven years. She took part in the production of season 3 of the show, where she reunites with her family together with her five-year-old son Kase.

Jewel Kilcher is estimated net worth stands over 3 million. Her primary income is from music following concerts and performances, not to forget the books she has written. It is estimated Jewel earns $50,000 annually.

Shane Kilcher and wife, Kelli Kilcher

Shane Kilcher is among the main character of the show, a member of the Kilcher family. He was involved in a terrifying accident while working on his cabin, where he fell from a ladder resulting in severe injuries. He was admitted to Central Peninsula Hospital, Alaska.

In the show, he is featured as a hunter and farmer, but he is not involved in the production of the first season.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Cast Shane Kilcher joins the show during the second season production in an episode titled “The River Wild.” He joins the main characters of the show in season three, which was premiered in 2013.

The show also features his wife Kelli Kilcher on their daily activities trying to survive in Alaska wilderness, trying to build a family together. Shane Kilcher’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million, and he earns $8, 000 per episode.


What Channel is Alaska: The Last Frontier On?

The Last Frontier is premiered on Discovery Channel.

Who died on Alaska: The Last Frontier?

No one has so far died, but Lee Kilcher almost died following a cliff when he was hiking at an Alaskan resort. He blamed the resort for the fall.

Why is Alaska called the Last Frontier?

There is a rich history behind Alaska, one of the top reasons why it is referred to as The last frontier is due that it is a state of America that was admitted as the 49th state to the union.

As a result, the Americas recognized the state as “America’s Last Frontier” more so out of its distance from the lower 48 states and also out of its rugged landscape and climate.

Where is it filmed?

The Last Frontier’ is filmed in the homestead of the Kilcher, which is located 11 miles outside of Homer, Alaska. Homer is situated around 200 miles southwest of the unified municipality of Anchorage.

Who Sings The Theme Song for Alaska The Last Frontier?

Jewel and her Father, Atz Kilcher, are the ones who sing Alaska: The Last Frontier theme song together.

Is Alaska: The Last Frontier or fake?

The main reality show is to depict how real life is like or how, in reality living in one location on another entails.

Ironically, reality fake the realism expected “Alaska: The Last Frontier” is not exceptional as there some genuine arguments it’s fake.

The major problem is how the show is filmed and produced, not forgetting the lives of the casts being featured.

Many casts of reality show fail to act as they do in their real-life when they know they are being filmed hence making the show look like its fake. Many of them end up hiding the natural response to occasions and play to the crowd to get them on your side.

At the end of the day, several reality shows casts fail to behave or act the same way they would have if not being filmed.

We are top reasons why there have been rumors that “Alaska: The Last Frontier” is not more a reality show but fake.

Will the Kilcher family starve if they fail to hunt?

Fans have been led to believe a lot of times on the show that if the Kilcher’s won’t hunt or provide for them in any way, they would starve.

It is sort of ironic as their home is only a short drive from Homer city, where there is plenty of choices when it comes to buying products and grocery stores.

They will not starve, and no matter how isolated the show wants to make them look.

The show does ‘Slat’ the environment.

In one of the infamous pheasant incident is an excellent example of how a pheasant was hunted and killed by the Kilcher, and then brought home and ate it the same night.

However, this seemed so impressive to the production team that they asked if it could be done again by the Kilcher.

Everyone who has ever been hunting knows it is kind of a hard thing to replicate on a whim unless you can find a pheasant.

And the show went and bought a raw chicken which could be shown to put in the oven and a rotisserie chicken which could be shown to eat later. And if you watch another clip, you can see a bear mumming on a salmon carcass that is beautifully fileted.