Meghan McCain’s Net worth & Salary, Siblings.

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Meghan Marguerite McCain is a famous blogger, news columnist, and journalist. Her father was a US Senator and former presidential nominee, John McCain. Because of this, Meghan has been in the spotlight for most of her life. Rather than venturing into politics, McCain has worked with reputable news stations such as FOX, ABC News, and MSNBC.

She laid the foundation for her career at Columbia University, graduating with a degree in art history. Explore a few interesting facts about Meghan McCain right here. What is her net worth and salary? Does she have any siblings? Read on to find out.

Who is Meghan McCain?

Meghan McCain is a television personality and producer whose prominence has grown since she started appearing on shows like the View. Its premise is very straightforward; a panel of hosts discusses topics centered on current events.

The show includes TV icons like Whoopi Goldberg and Virginia Hamilton. McCain first joined the panel back in 2008. She has also worked on other shows: Saturday Night Live and House of Lies.

Meghan’s career took off during her father’s presidential campaign in 2008. She launched a blog called McCain Blogette a year prior. The majority of her posts were based on the events that occurred during her father’s campaign. From time to time, she also threw out the occasional fashion post. Interestingly enough, Meghan even took to this platform to announce that she was switching her political affiliation.

She openly pledged her allegiance to the Republican Party, endorsing her father for president. Though John did not win, the campaign as a whole helped his daughter build her career. Following the election, she published several books, one of which was My Dad, John McCain.

Meghan McCain Net Worth: annual salary.

Meghan comes from a wealthy family. Her mother, Cindy, is the only heiress to a vast beer empire. Meghan’s grandfather was the proprietor of the Hensley Beverage Company. Cindy now chairs the company, and there is a significant pool of wealth and investment set aside for all of her children; this includes Meghan.

Image of American columnist, Meghan McCain
Caption: American columnist, Meghan McCain net worth

Besides McCain’s family wealth, she also has various other sources of income. Her career in print publication, for example, has proven relatively lucrative. Dirty Sexy Politics, for example, retails for $13 on Amazon. It was reported that she makes around $3 million in The View. As of 2021, Meghan McCain’s net worth is $10 million.

Meghan McCain Husband:

The Dirty Sexy Politics author is married to a man named Ben Domenech. He is a political analyst, writer, and blogger. Ben was born on the 1st of January 1982 in Jackson, Mississippi, to Jeanne Schram and Douglas Domenech. He is 40-years old at the moment.

Image of Meghan McCain with her husband Ben Domenech
Caption: Meghan McCain with her husband Ben Domenech

Domenech’s educational background is vast. He was a student at George Mason University. Later on, he enrolled at the College of William and Mary, which helped him build a career as a political commentator. Though successful, Ben’s career has also been marred with controversy.

For instance, he was brought on to work for the Washington Post, perhaps one of the most reputable publications in the world. However, after a background check which dug up a few skeletons in Ben’s closet, he was let go.

Back in 2013, he was also let go from the Huffington Post after a bribery scandal came to light. It transpired that Ben had received money to write favorable articles about a certain administration. His journalistic integrity was utterly compromised.

Meghan McCain Siblings:

To say that the McCain family is large would be an understatement. Meghan has seven other siblings! These include Jack, James, Bridget, Sidney, John Sidney IV, Douglas, Andrew, and Sidney McCain. At 62 years old, Andrew is by far the oldest. Meghan’s adopted sister, Bridget, is the youngest at 30.

Image of Meghan McCain with her family father John McCain, mother Cindy McCain and with Andy, Jimmy, Jack,Doug, Bridget and Sidney
Caption: Meghan McCain with her family father John McCain, mother Cindy McCain and with Andy, Jimmy, Jack, Doug, Bridget, and Sidney

Meghan McCain’s gay rumors.

Right off the bat, we can confirm that these rumors are not true. They undoubtedly stem from the fact that she is an advocate for LGBT rights. Meghan has spoken out on the matter on several occasions. She consistently urges her fellow republicans to move on for the outdated view that same-sex marriages are immoral.

Meghan has even been critical of Trump’s administration’s stance on gay marriage. However, just because she supports gay marriage does not mean that she is gay. After all, Meghan McCain has a husband.

Meghan McCain’s Weight Loss or gain?

Mrs. McCain’s weight has been the subject of a lot of discussions. She has received rude comments that have suggested she go on a diet. This is because several people are of the view that she is slightly overweight.

It is a topic that Meghan has grown weary of discussing over the years. She goes on to add that the male compatriots do not have to put up with the same level of scrutiny. So far, there are no reports on whether she has gained or lost any weight.

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