Tony Dokoupil (Katy Tur Husband )First Wife & Children. Salary, Net Worth

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Tony Dokoupil is a famed news journalist in American television. He used to work for MSNBC and CBS News as a news reporter. Dokoupil is now the co-anchor of This Morning, the widely viewed morning show on CBS.

To find out more about Tony Dokoupil’s first marriage. Also, know Tony’s net worth and salary.

Who Is Katy Tur’s Husband Tony Dokoupil?

Tony earned his degree in communications and marketing at the George Washington University. He proceeded to get his Master’s degree in American Studies at Columbia University.

President George W. Bush’s grandchildren also attended the same university and were batchmates with Dokoupil. After completing his Master’s, he proceeded with his doctorate studies, but he could not finish it.

Newsweek magazine hired Dokoupil as its senior writer in 2007. In addition, he was the senior writer for The Daily Beast online portal.

In 2013, NBC News employed him as their senior writer. The following year, he published a memoir entitled The Last Pirate: A Father, His Son, and the Golden Age of Marijuana. 

Katy Tur’s husband Tony Dokoupil, was also a correspondent for MSNBC. A few years later, he left his job there and transferred to CBS News as a correspondent. His new career took him to New York. In 2019, he was promoted as the co-anchor of This Morning, the widely viewed morning show on CBS.

Parents and Siblings

Tony’s father is Anthony, and he was a notorious dealer of marijuana. His memoir was about his childhood and having a drug dealer as a father. Tony’s mother is Ann, and she was a teacher.

When he was six, his parents separated. So his mom took him and moved to Maryland, where he raised Tony as a single parent. Things took a turn for the worse when his father stopped supporting him financially.

Tony Dokoupil’s First Wife and First Marriage

Tony Dokupil was previously married, but there is no information regarding the details of his first wife. What is known is that the estranged couple had two kids.

Dokoupil and his first wife separated ways in 2013. The reason behind their estrangement is also not divulged.

His two kids are staying with their mother. The first family of Tony is now based in Tel Aviv, and they have been severely affected by the war in the Gaza Strip.

In an interview, the concerned father revealed that his kids are terrified of all the gunfights and bombs exploding. He is distressed about the well-being of his children.

Tony Dokoupil Children

Tony has two kids with his first wife, and they are now based in Tel Aviv. He also two kids with his present wife, Katy Tur. The broadcaster’s first child with Katy is Theodore or Teddy, and he was born in 2019. On May 13, 2021, the couple had another baby. This time it is a girl named Eloise Judy Bear.

Tony Dokoupil Is Now Katy Tur’s Husband

Dokoupil is now married to Katy Tur, who is also a celebrated broadcaster of NBC News. They met at the make-up room of MSNBC. After dating for a few years, Tony and Katy exchanged vows at the Utah desert on October 27, 2017.

Salary and Net Worth

Tony Dokoupil has been in the news broadcast industry for more than a decade. He has made a name for himself in his field of work which has substantially added to his net worth.

Today, the net worth of Tony Dokoupil is $4 million. This mostly comes from his salary as a broadcaster. Dokoupil’s salary is around $75,000 per year. He also earns revenues from his published memoir.

Height and Measurement.

Tony’s height is 173 centimeters or 5 feet and 8 inches. He weighs 70 kg. The famous broadcaster has a very fit and toned body because he maintains a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and well-portioned low-carb meals are a part of his daily routine. He never misses a quick visit to the gym or a jog around the block to ensure that he gets his daily exercise.

Tony Dokoupil Age and Date of Birth.

Tony’s mom gave birth to him on December 24, 1980. Tony was born in Connecticut. And the celebrated journalist is now 41 years old.

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