Gold Rush Cast 2021, Salaries, Net Worth, Season 12.

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If you love reality shows, I bet you have watched Gold Rush. The show was premiered in 2010 and aired on Discovery Channel and its affiliates worldwide.

The show documents them traveling to the porcupine crater in search of the precious metal. Over time the major cast members have recruited other members to help in search of the gold.

Have you ever wondered what the cast members are worth? Here is an overview of how much they earn and the salary they get per episode. Here is a full list of Goldrush Reality show details you wish to know about.

The gold rush stands as the top-rated reality television show in Canada. The show depicts all about gold mining in Canada and its territories. The show revolves around 6 men living in Oregon, and due to the economic crisis, they have decided to look for gold to meet their financial needs and status.

Gold Rush Cast and Their Salaries.

The show features the 6 men traveling all the way to the porcupine crater in search of gold deposits. The main casts of the show, with time, recruit other members to assists in the search for the precious metal.

The casts of the show, in due time, can mine huge amounts of gold and end up earning millions of dollars. This begs the question of how rich Gold Rush cast members are. What their net worth? How much do they earn from the show? We have researched these questions and answered them below.

  1. Parker Schnabel Net Worth, Salary.

Parker Schnabel is among the main cast of the Gold Rush reality show, which is aired on the Discovery Channel. He has been in the show since when it was premiered in 2010 among the recruiters of new members to the show. He plays central roles in the show by trying to help teach about mining to new members while at porcupine creek but realizes they don’t know about mining.

Parker is an experienced gold miner with knowledge he accumulated from his grandfather, who exposed him to mining at an early age. He is featured in season 4, quitting his family mine and start mining on his own. The first-year operating his mining operations were successful as he mined 1029 oz of gold. It was a teamwork effort well depicted in the fourth season of the show. Season five also depicted how and his team could mine over 3,35o ounces of gold, which was overwhelming for him and the team.

Image of Parker Schnabel
Caption: Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million, and it is estimated to be earning $25 000 per episode as salary.

Chris Doumitt Net Worth, Salary.

Chris Doumitt is another popular cast of the show featured in the smiling with a cigar. He is the most hardworking cast in the show despite he entered into mining accidentally but learned the mining skills through trial and error.

During the first season of the show, he was called to build a cabin for his friend Greg Remsburg and his family because he has carpentry skills. Even though his job was meant to last for ten days only, he went on to live with Hoffman’s crew from season 2 all the way till the end of the season.

In season 4, he joined Parker Schnabel’s mining crew, where he learns mining skills. Apart from gaining mining skills and becoming a gold miner, Chris is also a master marksman and wine connoisseur.

Gold Rush made Chris become popular and gain wealth, and today Chris Doumitt net worth is estimated to be over $400,000. His net worth is expected to increase due to his latest venture, where he started selling cigars under his brand “Doumitt Cigar.”

  1. Tony Beets.

Tony Beets is an experienced gold miner; originally, he is a Dutch-Canadian. Tony owns Tamarack mine, which is a successful company carrying its operations near the Klondike area. Tony Beets first was first time featured in season 2, where he is depicted advising other casts on what to do and find gold in the mines.

Image of Tony Beets
Caption: Tony Beets

He is documented advising Todd Hoffman the secret of locating gold is by drilling test holes. Other casts also are seen in the show going for advice because he has been in the business for decades and is experienced in the field.

In season five, Tony and his crew are depicted working on a 75-year-old dredge where they move their equipment from the clear Creek to work on his claim, which is more than 150 miles away from in Indian River.

Tony Beets is a successful gold miner. As of 2021, Tony Beets’ net worth is over $18 million. He is estimated to be earning $15 000 -$25 000 per episode of Gold Rush as salary.

  1. Rick Ness Salary, Net Worth.

Rick Ness is another popular figure in the show due to his key role as an excavator. Rick Ness was invited into the show by Parker Schnabel during the third season’s documentation to operate the truck and excavator. Rick Ness is also a musician, a career he started way back in 2004.

He is depicted in the show operating a dozer and grader, which made him a key person to the Parker mining crew. Due to his hard work, enthusiasm, and competence, Parker promoted him to a foreman position. He played his duties to his best and demonstrating abilities to control tense situations as well as people.

Rick Ness made up his mind, and in season 6, he parted ways with the Parker crew to work on his claim; however, he is still in the show out of fans who love him. Luckily his risk to part ways with parker paid off because he was featured in last season’s show.

Today Rick ness net worth is estimated at $1 million. He is estimated to be earning $150,000 as annual salary from the Gold Rush reality show.

  1. Mitch Blaschke.

Mitch Blaschke is a mechanic who joined Hoffman’s crew in season 3 after Hoffman went to buy a piece of equipment from him. Mitch assisted Hoffman in carrying the machine only to realize he needs to employ a full-time mechanic to service their machines, and he recruited him to the show.

He later agreed to hop aboard and give a hand, even though it was convincing for him to agree. In Season 4, Mitch is depicted working as a mechanic and a pipe cleaner in Guyana at the Q.O.D. for the Hoffman Crew. In Season 5, Mitch joins the Parker crew as their mechanic at Scribner Creek Claim, under and through Parker Schnabel foreman Gene Cheeseman.

Image of Mitch Blaschke
Caption: Mitch Blaschke

When Mitch joined the show, he has been an average of $25 000 per episode. Mitch’s net worth is estimated to be over $200, 000 much of his income is the result of salary fom the show and the mining.

  1. Gold Rush Cast Kevin beets.

Kevin Beets is the son of Tony Beets and Minnie Beets, Beets Family, and Beets Crew member. He is a professional mechanic working for the Beets mining crew.

He firsts appeared in the show during season 5, at age 26, where he was working on the Paradise Hill claim and disassembling the Beet’s bacon strip machine at Clear Creek and reassembling it at Eureka Creek Claim. He graduated in 2016 with a diploma from the University of New Brunswick.

Image of Kevin beets
Caption: Kevin beets

Kelvin Beets e net worth amounts to $0.96 million. Like other family members, he has also proven to be one of the fine gold miners.

  1. Fred Dodge.

Freddy Dodge is a member of the Dodge Family and a professional Gold Digger at Porcupine Creek and Mazaruni Claim in Guyana, which is Hoffman mines. Fred made a guest appearance in seasons 1 and 2 and started appearing more frequently in Season 3.

He was also featured as part of the “Gold Rush: The Jungle” spin-off series, which followed the miners as they took their mining venture to Guyana after the Klondike froze.

Image of Freddy Dodge
Caption: Freddy Dodge

Guyana’s mining venture was not especially successful for the main group of miners featured on the show, and they returned for Season 4 to Klondike Area. He’s featured in season 4 at the Q.O.D. Statement in the first half of the season.

In season 4, he owns Big Red too. His brother is an older generation gold prospector Derek Dodge.

He came to the Hoffmans with the Carmakx claim in the Yukon with Derek in season 4, but the Hoffmans went to Guyana. During season 5, his father-in-law (the father of his wife), Raymond Griess, dies.

Fred Dodge’s net worth is $400,000, and he earns $32,000 as salary from the show.

  1. Monica Beets.

Monica Beets is Tony Beets and Minnie Beets’ daughter, part of the Beets Mining Crew. She is featured working from the Paradise Hill and disassembling the Viking Dredge at Clear Creek.

She joined the show in season 5, having turned 21. She has a dog named after her favorite punk artist, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein.

Monica was introduced to mining gold at an early age through observing her father and learn everything about mining with time. She was interested in knowing how to mine gold and, more specifically, focused on gold mining surveillance.

When she 18 years old, she was depicted in the show as a supervisor on Paradise Hill. In most cases, she operates heavy machines, and her body is strong enough for the tasks.

Monica beets net worth amounts to $2 million, much of her income from the gold mining and the show. She is estimated to be earning a salary of $200,000 annually.

  1. Minnie Beets.

Minnie Beets, keeps family business accounts at the Paradise Hill bear cookies camp that he tightly controls the purse strings, and often argues with Tony about the fortune that he pours into the dredge. She’s the one Tony can’t say ‘no’ to.

Minnie Beets was in Season 2 in 2010, along with her husband Tony Beet’s first appearance on Gold Rush. Minnie Beets has a net worth of $1.5 million, and the series earns an annual income of $250,000.

Image of Minnie Beets
Caption: Minnie Beets
  1. Gene Cheeseman.

Gene Cheeseman was first featured in season 4, working as the foreman for the Parker Crew.

They had a good working relationship with Parker from 2013 to 2017. However, in 2017 they parted ways after an argument with Parker and failed to reconcile.

He was forced to leave the parker crew out of a misunderstanding with the boss. Later he joined Tony beets crew, where he is depicted working as a skipper in Eureka Creek Claim, Alaska 2017.

Image of Gene Cheeseman
Caption: Gene Cheeseman

In the show, he featured working on difficult tasks, always ready to face them head-on, like road expansion linking to the mining center they have established in the Mountains of Alaska.

He even works with explosives at the cliff edge, the job he admits is scary yet exciting to him to carry out.

Gene is not featured in season 7 of the show, which left his fans speculating he has left the show on for him to resurface in 2018 and held an interview with Miler Welder but refused to talk about where he has been.

Gene’s net worth is estimated to be $1million, much of his income from mining with Parker and tony beets and the show.

  1. Fred Hurt.

Fred Hurt is a well-known cast of Gold Rush Reality show where he is featured working with Hoffman’s mining crew. He became a key role played in the show with no time.

In the series, Fred Hurt was natural; he and his team excavated for gold in different locations. “Gold Rush: White Water” came after “Gold Rush,” in which he and his son Dustin met up in Alaska to search for gold.

He was depicted in four seasons on the show before deciding to drop out and launch his T.V. series.

During the four seasons, he was an implacable gold miner, and he pushed the team and equipment to the full. He was bold and uncompromising, but there were many theories about why after he left the program.

No official statement was released, but it can be seen from the get-go that there was a dispute between the team and the management, but there were also internal feuds; the team apparently decided to drop the show because of payment issues.

Right now, Fred has said goodbye to the limelight. He hasn’t appeared in any shows while he’s still busy with his mining business. Fred Hurt’s net worth is estimated to be more than $500,000, much of his income from gold mining and the show.

  1. Mike Beets.

Mike Beets is the younger son of Tony Beets and Minnie Beets, Kevin Beets’ younger brother, and Monica Beets’ older brother, a member of the Beets family and a part of the Beets mining Crew.

Mike is featured in the show living with his father trying to find gold and working on claims to the paradise hill.

Mike Beets is also depicted working full time on the mines while operating massive machinery in the semi-regular part of Paradise Hill located in Yukon’s Klondike area, Canada.

He is also a professionally trained skipper in medieval fighting tournaments and a medieval re-creationist.

During season 5, he was featured working at Paradise Hill’s like the night boss and in season 6 as Paradise Hill’s supervisor. Mike’s net worth is estimated at $200,000 net worth; he earns $2,000 for his role on Gold Rush.

  1. Brennan Ruault.

Brennan Ruault joined the show in its sixth season to serve on the crew of Parker Schnabel during their attempt to find gold placer deposits in the Yukon Territory.

Brennan Ruault is an accomplished equipment operator who operates an excavator and has been featured as a dozer in the gold quest show near Dawson City, Yukon.

Brennan Ruault is a professional prosecutor which he quitted and joined gold miners. He helps Parker’s crew locate gold deposits. Brennan Ruault’s net worth is estimated to be more than $500 000.

  1. Dustin Hurt.

Dustin Hurt was a California firefighter before moving on to the show. He also spent more than 20 years in and around heavy machinery, giving him the experience to work in mines.

Dustin Hurt was one of the best popular casts of the shoe Gold Rush, and he is depicted in several seasons.

Dustin Hurt’s story is full of intrigue, though, as his father’s feud nearly led them to trade blows. Given all, however, Dustin remains a firm member of the Dakota Family.

Their feud was later settled, and the two are once again on good terms. For several years he has been working with heavy machinery, and this has led him to pursue a career in gold-digging.

He is trying to get the best out of his gold digger career. And in the meantime, make as much money as he can.

Dustin’s Hurt net worth amounts to $1 million, much of his income from his previous career as a firefighter, gold mining, and the show.

  1. Juan Ibarra.

Juan is the mechanic of the Hoffman, who joined them in season 6. Juan wanted to make a move after dealing with a poor economy in his construction and plumbing jobs and moved nearly 3000 miles from Nevada to take a job with the mining gold of the Hoffman in the Klondike.

Juan is depicted in the show with the crew mining in Oregon,, hoping to pull a little closer to home in some big gold.

Image of Juan Ibarra
Caption: Juan Ibarra

Juan is trying to be the best he can be for his family, and he’s hoping to get some gold to do that this season. Juan has not publicly declared his net worth. But his net worth is estimated to be more than $500k.

  1. Karla Ann Charlton.

Karla first joined the show in 2017 during Parker’s Trail, where they walked with her crew up to Guyana and set up a Marudi camp, the location the show was produced.

Karla Ann Charlton is a British Columbian native who spends most of her time in the Yukon doing what she loves doing the most, being out in nature. She is probably most recognizable on the reality T.V. show, Gold Rush, which she started appearing on during the Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail episodes in 2017.

Karla worked for a while at the mine site where she was driving a rock truck. She proves to be equal to the task by acting so cool, friendly, and had lots of energy. She likes to be in the woods that why parker recruited her to his crew as they needed someone to keep them all alive.

Karla earns more than $10,000 a month from the show, and here net worth is estimated to be more than $500 000.

  1. Ryan Hofer.

Ryan Hofer was born in Minot, North Dakota, U.S.A., on 8 November 1978. He has been married to Sandra Hofer since 31 October 2008. They have one kid. Ryan Hofer makes his living in the dirt and plays with bikes.

He’s part of the hit reality show “Gold Rush” on Discovery T.V. He mines for gold in the rugged Yukon wilderness. Ryan Hofer has 20 years of experience as a mechanic and manufacturer, as seen on Discovery’s hit series Gold Rush, and has been friends with Rick for 10 years.

Ryan Hofer’s net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million, much of his earning from years in mining and the show.


Popular Gold Rush Cast Who left the show.

Hunter Hoffman

Hunter Hoffman is the eldest son of Todd Hoffman and one of the youngest crew member of the Hoffmans. Hunter Hoffman, together with his grandparent Jack Hoffman, denotes the third generation of his family to participate in the Gold Rush. He also has a brother named Hudson Hoffman, who appeared multiple times on the show.

Image of Hunter Hoffman
Caption: Hunter Hoffman

No doubt Hunter Hoffman could add something to the show. Hunter Hoffman showed leadership abilities and solid mining abilities during the disappointing Season 9 at the Hoffman. Hunter is also in that age where he’s willing to strike himself out and prove his mettle. From the show, the hunter proved to gold mining instinct, but he’s still trying to think what to do and get older people than him to listen. Hunter Hoffman appeared in 46 episodes from 2011 and left the show in 2018.

John Schnabel.

John Schnabel was among the six key casts of the show. He was an American gold miner who owned enormous mines in Alaska. He was Roger Schnabel’s father and Park Schnabel’s grandfather, who now runs the family mine.

In 2011, he confided the mining activity to his 16-year-old grandson, Parker Schnabel. John, however, didn’t leave the show. He was around to advise his grandson. Once Parker Schnabel left the Porcupine Creek mining company to start his claim, John resumed operating the mine independently.

John is the central key player to the birth of the Gold Rush show. Discovery Channel reached out to Schnabel and his family in 2009 with an idea for a reality show.

He was informed that the show would involve several other families and gold mining teams in the project, emphasizing mining as much gold as possible within 12 months.

Image of John Schnabel
Caption: John Schnabel

John was pleased with the notion of showing the world how his company worked and was able to accept the offer; thus, “Gold Rush” was born in 2010. It transformed John into a global TV star, from a wealthy businessman.

Fans appreciated that when it came to making critical business decisions, he was so calm and soft-spoken but still highly competitive and intuitive.

John suffered a heart attack near the end of Season 2, but he recovered. John was diagnosed as having prostate cancer in 2013. His mining vision Smith Creek Hill was filmed with Payson Schnabel and Parker Schnabel, his grandsons with his son Roger Schnabel and his wife Nancy Schnabel in the episode Last Wish of Grandpa.

John was 93 years old and still active at the mine at the end of Season 4 in March 2014. John died at age 96 after the Season 6 run on March 18, 2016. The gold rush show documented a special episode remembering John Schnabel.

Greg Remsburg(2011-2018).

Greg Remsburg was a member of Hoffman’s crew. Greg is a childhood friend of Todd Hoffman and was among the first member to be recruited in Hoffmans crew and traveled with the group to Alaska after he was unemployed and financial constraints. Remsburg assists with the installation and repair of crew equipment and machinery on the grounds the team has served at.

He left at the end of the second season of the team but was brought back when Dave Turin required assistance. He came back for season 3. He revealed he would not return at the end of season 3.

In the fourth season, however, Parker Schnabel called Remsburg has he needed his skills. Parker Schnabel approached him immediately because his ambitions were extremely to conquer the Yukon, beating Todd Huffman’s all three gold mining seasons with a total of 800 ounces of gold. Parker knew there was no other better man than Greg himself for this work.

Greg left Hoffmans crew after frictions with Todd, his long life friend, and reached an extent where they can look each other in the eye. He worked with Parker’s crew for one season and ended up leaving the show after season 5.

Kevin Hiatt (2012-2019).

Kevin was having trouble in his marriage crew, as a father, and as a lineman at work before joining the Hoffman. Feeling depressed and not thinking about whether he was alive or dead, Kevin turned to Jesus, and his life began to change for the better.

Image of Kevin Hiatt
Caption: Kevin Hiatt

Kevin prayed and hoped for a change in his life and, shortly after that, Todd Hoffman reached out to Kevin and offered him a position he accepted on his team. Although he accepted the deal, it was a whole new experience because he did not know anything about gold mining.

Everything started to fall apart again during the second mining with the Hoffmans, where their efforts did bear fruits, and he was busted and returned home empty-handed from Guyana, forcing him to take two jobs just to support his family.

Kevin thought his mining days were behind him before he was convinced to come back in season 5 to help mine McKinnon Creek, a creek located in the Yukon Klondike region, Canada. After two good seasons in Canada, Kevin went to Oregon with the Hoffman crew, where things weren’t going to plan. He continued with the show hoping their next mining will turn out better in Colorado. Kevin Hatt appeared in 71 episodes of the show from 2012 to 2019. Kelvin Hatt left the show along with the Hoffmans crew.

Andy Spinks (2012-2019).

Andy joined the show and Hoffmans crew in Season 3, to earn more income to support his wife and their two kids. Andy believes, “Men should be real men, should stop making excuses, and should stand by their commitments to their wife and children and work hard to provide them financially.”

Image of Andy Spinks
Caption: Andy Spinks

Andy returned home to work in the tree nursery business after a disastrous season in the jungle but was later enticed to go back to the Klondike for one last try. After two successful seasons with the Hoffman’s in Canada, helping them pull in more than 4000 oz of gold, Andy followed the crew to Oregon for a chance on their home turf to get more gold. Andy appeared in 85 episodes from 2012 to 2019, and he left the show along with Hoffman’s crew.

Jim Thurber (left in 2018).

Jim Thurber was a faithful, hard-working, and trustworthy guy. He knew Todd for more than fifteen years and has been with him through thick and thin. Thurber lost his job as a sheet metal worker eight years ago and was about to get his home leased when joining the Alaska gold mining team at Hoffman.

Image of Jim Thurber
Caption: Jim Thurber

Jim was with Todd even after failure in the jungle and success in the Klondike, where he helped him attain their highest gold total ever in Season 6. Jim is well known as Mr. Moustache out of his signature mustache. He appeared in the show from 2011 to 2018, documenting 133 episodes.

Dave Turin (left in 2018).

Since when the show was premiered in 2011, Turin was the right-hand man of Todd Hoffman. He was faithfully pursued by the Hoffman team to Alaska and the Yukon and even on one ill-fated journey to search for diamonds in the Guyana rainforests.

Dave unexpectedly left the series in March after six seasons — after his confrontation with Trey Poulson exploded into a bare-knuckle fistfight, peppered with expletives at the end of Season 7. Dave announced his resignation the week after that altercation aired as the miners reflected on the drama in the season recap special.

He went on to post his departure on where he gave more details about why he is leaving the show. Here is what he wrote; “No amount of money or gold is worth working with a disrespectful crew member. Time to move on and put this behind me. He can’t work with someone using his fist instead of words. It’s time for me to move on. ”

It seems like Dave is on a whole new course lately, though. Dave Turin will be back at Discovery in 2020. The former Todd Hoffman crew member had filmed a new season of his gold series, Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, in Helena, Montana, according to the Billings Gazette.

Dave traveled all around the country during the show’s first season. It seems this time around, he’s going to be focused on Montana. There are 3,500 mines abandoned, so it could keep him busy for a while.

Lost Mine at Dave Turin is a gold presentation on the history of gold mining. His ideology is “to adhere to but meet environmental standards whenever possible.” This is part of his mining philosophy of mining, “the way he thinks it is best.” Most specifically, he only employs people who see him eye-to-eye, who value him. He is not going to be working with people who don’t agree with his vision.

Jack Hoffman. (Left in 2018).

Jack Hoffman is Todd Hoffman’s father and is among the six miners who started the show.

Jack Hoffman and his son Todd Hoffman are documented in the show 2010 (when Goldrush was premiered); Jack had a second chance to achieve his dream of midget gladiator training. Since then, Jack has seen more than 5000 ounces of crack smoke by the Hoffman Crew.

Jack Hoff man left the show before Gold Rush Season before nine started in October 2018. Todd Hoffman initially revealed his intention to abandon Gold Rush. In an episode of Season 8 named “American Dreamer.” This was a moment of reflection for the miner who had spent years chasing his fantasies of gold-rich making it out.

In the end, he and his crew (including his father) took the tough decision to quit the series, with Todd setting off to pursue other projects and even founding his own media production company called ZUM Media.

Todd Hoffman (he left the show in 2019).

Gold Rush was premiered in 2010; Todd Hoffman was part of Hoffman’s crew. He was part of the whole crew’s idea of mining gold to solve their financial hardships; hence, he took a bold step and went for gold. Hoffman’s crew members attained the goal, and ” Viewers cheered him on, as an average man after his dream, even though he was not a gold miner expert at such.

Image of Todd Hoffman
Caption: Todd Hoffman

Some made fun of Hoffman’s habit of making ambitious predictions, which often resulted in success, and sometimes went up in flames. But whether audiences loved him or hated him, Hoffman was central to the success of “Gold Rush.”

Todd Hoffman announced their departure from the show as a crew, and according to a report in Deadline, Hoffman is partnering with a team including the producers behind such shows as “Bering Sea Gold,” to launch new shows, tentatively titled “Greenhorn Gold.” Greenhorn Gold “is described as a reality show that will feature amateur miners who compete to see who can find the highest amount of gold.


Where is the Gold Rush Filmed?

Gold Rush has been filmed in various mining locations such as Alaska, Klondike, Guyana, Oregon, Colorado, etc., over the last few seasons. Although several of these places proved to be good spots for the miners, others became a complete waste of time. You never really know which location may turn out to be a hidden location, and sometimes the miners return empty-handed, even after the right calculations. In Season 10 location crossed borders and was in South America and Western North America.

What Channel is Gold Rush on?

Gold Rush reality show is aired by Discovery Channel and its affiliates across the world.

 When Does The New Season of Gold Rush Start?

Gold Rush, the renowned gold-scavenging series of Discovery, appears to have almost no end, or even the crews depicted seem not to demonstrate any signs of stopping anytime soon. Gold Rush season 10 premiered on Discovery on October 11, 2019, and ended on March 6, 2020, after a run of 21 episodes.

Discovery has not yet made any announcements regarding the continuity of the show. But the show has shown consistency since the time it was documented in 2010, with every season starting from October, and we can predict the next season (11) will start October 2020. However, we look forward to the Discovery Channel to confirm our predictions.

Gold Rush Season 12.

Gold Rush season 12 will be filmed in 2021. As always it will be on air at the end of the year. So, Gold Rush new season 12 will be aired on discovery channel on October 2021.

 Is Gold Rush Real or fake? (Write in detail)

If you have watched the Goldrush show, you may wish to know if it’s fake or real. But there are rules behind real and fake shows. One clear thing is that unscripted shows (real) fail to 100 percent perfect. Often, the producers behind unscripted shows have to reshoot scenes again and again until such time they have just what they need for their show.

There are also times, where the individuals producing unscripted shows will be making drastic edits to captured videos until the result bears no relation to what happened. It means the producers behind unscripted shows want to document what suitable to air in the screen, meaning they’re not going to hesitate to intervene if that can get them what they want.

Good enough since the Gold Rush show started, incidences are depicting no exception to this rule. There has been many plot and changes in the show, making it look more scripted than real. We have established instances in the show indicating Goldrush is more fake than real.

Miners disappearing, and there no explanations.

While watching Gold Rush, you will notice there are some miners who o and come back. Thinking critically about that is not a reality bearing ll the miners are subject to an employment agreement. Meaning they have to stay active carrying out their duties according to agreements in the contract. More so, some miners disappear from the Gold Rush show and end up appearing in another reality show.

Miners claim they are not paid is not real.

There were reports on the official website of the show indicating that Jack and Todd Hoffman “have no financial means to pay” their miners. In reality, however, everyone who is taking part in the show gets paid. For example, according to Net worth, Mag Parker Schnabel gets paid $25,000 per episode. Meanwhile, Monica Beets has reportedly received an annual salary of about $175,000 from the series. The latter is equal to all casts of the show.

To sum up, it should be clear that while people are digging for gold on Gold Rush, their actions are not generally indicative of what gold miners actually will do in their situation. This is because the real gold miners want the most reliable and safe way to dig for the precious metal. The people on the show, on the other hand, have two sets of goals, one being mining gold and the other being mining gold in a dramatic way that will sell successfully to the spectators.

In fact, the cast behind the show will make more attempts to make the final product enjoyable rather than completely devoted to the true course of events, implying that while Gold Rush can be fun, it is not something that interested individuals would assume to be 100 percent real.

How many seasons of the gold rush till now? (Which season is it running now?)

The gold rush reality show has documented 10 seasons. The 10th season was an end on March 6, 2020; hence no season is running now.

Is Gold Rush on Hulu or Netflix? 

The first option for streaming Gold Rush online is through the Discovery Channel webpage and Hulu if you are a subscriber. Unfortunately, Gold Rush is not currently a part of the Netflix library.

Who died on the gold rush?

The gold rush show has seen the death of two of its casts John Schnabel and James Harness. James Harness died July 3, 2014, at the age of 57, due to a stroke. His death was exposed to viewers on December 10, 2014, in episode 8 of season 5, Gold Blooded. The scene where Todd’s death was announced was scripted and filmed months after his death.

James Harness was Hoffman Crew mechanic. James was capable of repairing anything and everything that violates the statements. Ten years before the mining, Harness had been involved in a car accident that left him with a major spinal injury and could never afford the surgery.

It has caused complications, and he was in extreme pain due to work in one case. A Boston medical center, inspired by his story, paid for the much-needed surgery during the off-season, safeguarding the injured mechanic. James agreed, and while it alleviated his suffering, for his problems, it wasn’t a cure-all; he always used pain meds to deal with it.

Three months after the second season, Todd Hoffman fired him from the Hoffman crew due to his absences during the mining season caused by his massive addiction to pain medication. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2014, James suffered a stroke, and his body could not recover.

John Schnabel, who was among the six miners who started the show, died at 96 years. His family reported he died while sleeping. He was a guest appearing in the show since the time he handed over family mines to his grandson Parker Schnabel.

Time on tv?

Gold Rush is aired at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.


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