Dr. Phil McGraw’s Frist Wife Debbie Higgins McCall Death and facts.

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Debbie Higgins McCall was an American Editor. She was mostly recognized as the first wife of Dr. Phil McGraw. He is a TV personality/host and author. Phillip Calvin McGraw has been on many shows like Dr. Phil, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Bull.

As much as Dr. Phil McGraw’s life is interesting and full of controversies and lawsuits, we are not going to be talking about him today. Our eyes will be on Debbie Higgins. Get to know a few facts about his deceased ex-wife, their marriage life, and more information on her passing. Read along to find out more.

Debbie Higgins McCall’s Death: When and how?

There have been questions about Debbie’s cause of death. According to her brother Bill Higgins, Debbie had had Cancer. After fighting it for a while, she succumbed to death in 2014. There are no further details in what type of cancer she had. On her death bed, she said her last goodbyes to her only daughter.

Her marriage with Dr. Phil McGraw. Kids?

Debbie and Phil used to date way back in high school. They tied the knot on 27th November 1970 when they were both 20 years old. The ceremony took place at Roeland Park, Kansas. Their marriage was going well until Phil started to control his wife’s movements.

The confrontations later led to physical abuse. That was not the only thing that kept Debbie from wanting a divorce. After infidelity was involved, she decided to call it quits and filed for a divorce, which was finalized in 1973.

They were barely married for two years. As far as we know, Phil and Debbie did not have children together. However, Debbie had a daughter after her divorce: Marci Higgins. We have no information on her life after her marriage with Phil. Debbie liked her life to remain private and away from the limelight.

On the other hand, Phil re-married again in 1976. He is currently married to Robin McGraw, and they have two children together, Jay and Jordan McGraw.

Facts about her.

Here are some facts about Debbie Higgins McCall that you might have not known.

  • Debbie was a cheerleader back in high school. Apart from that, she did various activities like singing, dancing, and playing volleyball.
  • She went to the Massachusetts Institute of commerce.
  • Debbie was an editor. She was able to work on films such as Demon Hunters.
  • She had a daughter, Marci Higgins. We are not sure whether she ever remarried or not.
  • Debbie owned a liquor store in Kansas.

Wiki bio.

Full name Debbie Higgins
Age Deceased
Date of Birth 1950
Place of Birth  Las Vegas, United States
Profession Editor
Net worth N/A
Husband Phil McGraw
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents N/A

Debbie Higgins was a strong and independent woman. There was not much information on her life. Especially after she separated from Phil. Debbie was born in Las Vegas sometime in 1950. She had a brother named Bill Higgins. Debbie pursued her career after divorcing Phil.

It may seem like he was the only person keeping her from following her dreams. Debbie Higgins was known to have beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. We are happy to see that she followed her dreams and even got the chance of being a mother.

Is it possible that she had any social media accounts? Probably not. As mentioned before, Debbie was a very private woman. She got to live life for 64 years.

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