Brett Favre Daughters Breleigh and Brittany Favre Biography.

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Brett Favre is a former American NFL player. He used to play quarterback for Green Bay Packers back in the day. Brett received several awards from 1995-2015. In between those years, he was named The MVP Award thrice in a row.

In this article, we are not going to be talking about the Hall of Famer Favre, but his two beautiful daughters: Brittany and Breleigh. One of them is a lawyer, while the other is a professional Volleyball Player. We are going to learn about their early life, career, net worth, and age. Let us take you through their lives.

Brett Favre’s younger daughter Breleigh Favre Biography.

Breleigh is the youngest daughter of Brett Favre. She went to Oak Grove High School. Due to her sister’s influence, Breleigh began playing Volleyball, and she turned out to be very good at it. Like her father, she received an MVP Award thrice at games like Mississippi All-Star.

Due to her excellent playing skills, she was recruited by lots of colleges. Breleigh chose to go to the University of Southern Mississippi, where she majored in Biology. She also joined the volleyball team. During her time at the university, she has been able to record 17 strikes and eight blocks in her first year. Breleigh’s life is not exactly clear.

Image of Brett Favre with his younger daughter Breleigh Favre
Caption: Brett Favre with his younger daughter Breleigh Favre

What does she do now? Is she playing volleyball professionally? According to various sources, Brett Favre’s daughter Breleigh Favre has a net worth of $200k. As far as the media knows, Breleigh is single. She has never publicly said that she is in a relationship.

Her social media activity.

Breleigh has three social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Instagram- @breleighfavre with 3027 followers.
  • [email protected] Favre
  • Twitter- @brefavre with 44 followers.

As you can see, Breleigh is not that popular. Aside from that, she also has a private Instagram account. That proves to us that she prefers living a private life.

Breleigh Wiki bio and facts.

Full name Breleigh Favre
Age 21 years old
Date of Birth 13th July 1999
Place of Birth Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
Profession Volleyball Player
Net worth $200k
Boyfriend N/A
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Parents Brett Lorenzo Favre, Deanna Favre

Favre was born on 13th July 1999 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to Brett and Deanna Favre. She is currently 20 years and following her parent’s footsteps in sports. Breleigh loves ice skiing and playing the piano. She is 6ft 2 inches tall with black eyes and light brown hair. She weighs about 60kgs.

Brett Favre’s older daughter Brittany Favre.

Brittany is the first-born daughter of Deanne and Brett Favre. Even though both her parents had a career in sports, Brittany decided to take a much different path. She majored in law at the Loyola University and graduated with a degree. She has always wanted to be a lawyer since she was little. Later, Brittany decided to get involved in sports and entertainment.

Image of Brett Favre with his daughter Brittany Favre
Caption: Brett Favre with his daughter Brittany Favre

She has also been in the documentary series A Football Life in 2016. Together with her dad, they were both featured in the 6th season of the documentary.

Coming to her relationship life, she used to date Patrick Valkenburg in college. They both had a son together. Brittany welcomed her son Parker Brett on 2nd April 2010. However, their relationship ended. Brittany’s current husband is Alex Million. She met Alex when she was still in College. Studying law had been a challenge for Brittany, but then Alex came along and inspired her not to give up. They tied the knot in 2011.

The married couple has a son together called AJ. Ever since they got married, there has never been any scandal in their marriage as far as the media knows.

Brittany’s net worth is estimated to be $100k. She works at a law firm in Hattiesburg and makes $70k annually. She lives with her husband and two sons.

Brittany Wiki bio and facts.

Full name Brittany Favre
Age 32 years old
Date of Birth 6th February 1989
Place of Birth Mississippi, United States
Profession Lawyer
Net worth $100k
Husband Alex Million
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents Brett Lorenzo Favre, Deanna Favre

Brittany Favre celebrates her birthday on 6th February 1989. She is said to have blue eyes and brown hair, which is now dyed to blonde. Brittany is a very attractive lawyer with a good figure. Unfortunately, we do not have details on her measurements.

Looking at her social media, her Instagram handle is @brittanyfavre with 5486 followers. Brittany has a soft spot for animals. She has a dog named Luke.

Brittany and Breleigh’s mother is a cancer survivor. Deanne Favre had breast cancer, but she beat it. After her recovery, she put together her foundation, Deanna Favre Hope Foundation, which aids in breast cancer research. Another fact we might not know about the two sisters is that they are part creole and from a Native American decent called Choctaw.

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