Amy Reimann Wiki: 7 Facts about Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wife.

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Amy Reimann is an American Interior Designer. She is best known to be the wife of a former race car driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Amy works at the Micamy Design Studio as the Director. Together with her husband, they appeared on the show, Renovation Realities: Dale Jr. and Amy.

The TV program is about the couple, Amy and Dale, who do their best to renovate a 150-year-old property into an ideal holiday destination. As you read ahead, you will get to learn more about Amy, her career, net worth, marriage, child, and husband.

Amy Reimann Early Life.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s wife Amy Reimann was born and raised in Texas with her sister, Katie Reimann. She went to elementary in a private school. With a passion for design, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at the University of Kentucky. During her college days, she was a cheerleader and a dancer.

A look at Amy Reimann’s Career.

Soon after she graduated from University, she worked at Wakefield Beasley & Associates as a project coordinator. After working there for 12 months, Amy got a better job working at Micamy Design Studio as the Director. Amy has been doing top-notch interior design projects over the years.

Later in 2018, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy Reimann had their TV program called Renovation Realities: Dale Jr and Amy. With interior design skills, Amy can renovate an ancient house into a coastal retreat. The program only had four episodes.

Amy Reimann’s Net Worth.

As we all know, she has been working as an interior designer for years now. Their salaries are pretty much decent. As per the pay scales, interior designers earn about $61k monthly. Consequently, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s wife Amy Riemann’s net worth is $1.5 million.

Image of Furniture Designer, Amy Reimann net worth
Caption: Furniture Designer, Amy Reimann net worth

Taking a look at Dale’s estimated net worth, it is said to be a whopping amount of $400 million. During his active days, he used to make up to $30 million in a year through endorsements. For continuously 13 years, Dale has been earning $20 million. He was the highest-paid race car driver at NASCAR till 2015. Through his many endorsements and successful races, he was able to make himself worth $400 million.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy Reimann own a beautiful 3,300 square feet house in Key West, Florida. Apart from that, they also have another home in Mooresville, North Carolina. The couple even have their private jets, well Dale owns them but what belongs to him belongs to his wife as well.

Married to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

You must be curious to read about their love life story. Amy and Dale met in 2009 when she was hired to redecorate his house. Amy had already started working for Micamy Design Studios back then. It’s not certain when they began dating. However, in 2011, they sort of made their relationship public when they appeared at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards in Las Vegas together.

Image of Amy Reimann with her husband Dale Earnhardt Jr
Caption: Amy Reimann with her husband Dale Earnhardt Jr

Dale finally proposed in June 2015. The following year, on 31st December 2016, they got married. What better day to get married than on new years eve? The ceremony took place in Lexington, North Carolina.

On 30th April 2018, Amy and Dale welcomed their beautiful daughter, Isla, into the world.

Image of Amy Reimann with her daughter Isla
Caption: Amy Reimann with her daughter Isla

A short bio on her husband, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

He was born as Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr on 10th October 1974 in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Yes, he was named after his father, who was also a race car driver. His parents were Dale Earnhardt and Brenda Lorraine Gee. Dale came from a family of racers. His grandfather was even a race car builder. Dale had been interested in race cars ever since he was little, and by 17, he already began racing.

It is incredible to get to learn how someone could start from the ashes and grow up to be a famous millionaire race car driver. His father and grandfather would have been very proud of his success.

A look at her Social Media Activity.

Let us take a quick look at her social media accounts.

  • Instagram- @mrsamyearnhardt. She has a verified profile with 279k followers. As we go through her posts, we realize that she loves to post pictures of her beautiful family and friends. Amy has a cute dog named Gus and adorable little puppies.

  • Dale, on the other hand, goes by ‘dalejr’ in Instagram. He has 883k followers. According to his profile page, he has a show called Dale JR Download.

Her Body Measurements.

Amy is said to be 5ft 6 inches tall, weighing about 60 kg. She has beautiful brown eyes and blonde hair.

Amy Reimann Wiki.

Full name Amy Reimann
Age 39 years old
Date of Birth 25th March 1982
Place of Birth Texas, United States
Profession Interior Designer
Net worth $1.5 Million
Husband Dale Earnhardt
Kids 1
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aries
Parents Jeffery Reimann, Anna Reimann

Amy Reimann was born on 25th March 1982 to Jeffrey and Anna Reimann. Amy has a sister named Katie, and they grew up together in Texas. For a 39-year-old mom, Amy still looks fit and beautiful.

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